Monday, July 14, 2008

Meet Paris

I have many creations recently completed and many others in progress. Some I will not show because I am not sure the future recipients do not browse this blog.

Here is a fun one. No machine stitching done on this one! I enjoyed the little bit of needlework involved and didn't cringe too badly when using the hot glue gun for most of the rest of it.

barrette holder

Another project in just the planning stages is a special project I'm doing as a custom order for an etsy customer. It is exciting and nervewracking!

Computer Bag

And here is my contribution to SHOESDAY! I'm not going to have enough shoes to last for too long. So this is kind of a lack of shoes day. My favorite summer foot "attire." I finally got a pedicure this summer since Jason landed the job and all. Ahhhhh, great to be pampered and have pretty toes. Well they may not be pretty, but they are prettier than the were. I just love this salon I go to. Everyone there has been so meticulous.

Oh yes, and finally my BIG news. I am the momma to a new KITTEN! A little 8 week old girl kitten. Her name given to her at the shelter is Paris. And we're keeping it. (The name and the kitten). She is very cuddly and purry and lots of energy like a kitten should be. Velvet is slowly getting used to her.

4 ripples:

Andie said...

Oh my gosh! I somehow skimmed over the FABULOUS news in your previous post. Must have been fixated on those scones! YUMMM! Congratulations! Are you staying put?

Love the pedicure. Got one myself yesterday.

And of course, I LOVE that little flower. We could always use something like that around here.

Nilsa S. said...

Oh yay for fun projects, pretty toes and new pets. Seems like there is a very positive and present energy flowing through your house these days. Exciting and well deserved!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Your manicure looks mahvelous dahling--simply mahvelous!

Oh, Paris is so dang cute! I love that kinda cross-eyed little bleary look that kittens have. Congrats on the new member of your family--she's adorable!

Smiles, Karen

Jenn Maruska said...

What a cutie!

Hope your computer bag came out the way you wanted : )

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