Monday, July 7, 2008

I Heart Homegoods

I have been wanting to replace our little entryway rug for quite some time now. The ones we have are not rigid and slip around a lot. Even with one of those things you put under mats to help them stick to the ground. The cat loves sliding on those mats and it is NEVER in the right place, always in a rumpled mess. I have casually looked for one in the past but never found one I like. Sunday I started out at Carson's furniture gallery. YOW, one of those little door mats was around $250! Then headed to Target (after picking up some fabric swatches at Loomcraft for a client). I found two types there, the woven kind where every strand is a color to make the pattern and the screen print kind, which is just really really cheapy. I got a woven one and went on my way, home, no I think I'll swing by TJMaxx - Homegoods on the way home. So I did. And they had piles of such rugs. But they were different. They were all woven and the threads were of much nicer quality, the patterns more intricate. I picked one out and it was $10 less than the Target one (there is a Target right next to this TJMaxx, very handy for my immediate return). It looked much like those at Carson's. What a deal! I also browsed the aisle that has stationary and found a really nice set of cards for a great price. I needed some nice ones for when someone buys something from me and I want to thank them for their purchase.

I went back today to return the pad to put underneath it because the one I had for the other rugs actually worked for the new one. I browsed some more and found a couple things I had been looking for (a wooden swan for our mantel and a wooden duck for outdoors- it's cute not hokey, trust me.) I also found some nice dishtowels at a great price that I could embellish. I put it all back and walked out with nothing. I may go back and get something but I'll feel better if I still think I should after sleeping on it.

I just love that Homegoods has very decent items at low prices! Where do you like to shop that has great goods at a low price?

2 ripples:

Nilsa S. said...

I just love that you can begin to think about shopping again now that the home situation is better. Yeah!

BTW, did you receive my check yet?

Amanda Jo said...

I also love Homegoods but my favorite has to be my local antique mall and Hobby Lobby.

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