Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My "Collection"

The following photo is not my collection, just a couple of people I love... I mean three people I love, can't forget My My (the beloved bear).

I don't really feel like I collect anything in particular. Maybe a bit of a stretch to call a collection, but I LOVE wrought iron... It is all over our house. I took so many pictures that I just made them into a collage.

My Collection
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I got the idea of showing my "collection" from Crystal at Little Bit Funky.

Next up is kind of a joke, in a good way! Andie over at Memoirs of the Shoe Obsessed posts pics of her great shoes on Tuesdays, or what she calls SHOESDAY! Well I don't have anywhere near the cute collection of heels that she has, but I'm QUITE proud of my new casuals. I think these are cute. For me. And my lifestyle. :-)

Here are the flowers I bought today. They were buy one get one (6 in a pack), so I paid less than $3 for all of them. I liked the idea of putting this ugly terracotta pot next to the path to the house. It looked really out of place on the porch. And no longer looks that ugly.

I love this pot we bought in Cambridge, WI.

In family news...

Jason is working on staining the deck. So far he's worked really hard getting old stain off with a chemical treatment, brushing, power washing and sanding. Since rain was/is predicted, he's holding off on the stain application. He has also been busy getting other housekeeping duties done, like getting a new checking account set up for online bill pay, finding a place to recycle electronics and bringing old computers, monitors and whatnot there and so on.

Ella started dance camp today and from what I can get out of her, she loves it. She is becoming a more mature girl every day in many aspects, but still a child in others (thank goodness). I'm reading Charlotte's Web to her and she loves it. It's fun for me too, since I love to read. It is just amazing how many new words are introduced in that book and are cleverly defined. This afternoon she finally talked her dad into going fishing out back in the pond.

Miles will start camp next week and is SO totally excited for camp and for school to start. His big accomplishment these days is that he's getting more self sufficient changing his clothes.

I am working on an order for my friend Nilsa for her bridesmaids. It is fun, and I'm doing it mostly assembly line style. Only 1 and 1/2 zippers to go (sewing fabric around the zippers). It will be fun to take a pic of all the pieces in progress. The fabric is GORGEOUS and so fun to work with. I'm supposed to get my stitches out of my finger tomorrow, but the cut doesn't look good. I'm sure I haven't helped matters. I am not giving the finger much of a break and decide a bandaid was enough the past two days. Now I see why they want me to keep it wrapped up and have wrapped it again. Whatever the case, I'm sure they'll wait or do what they need to do when I go in.

We are putting plans together for a last minute vacation in Traverse City, MI. We love it up there and used to go up many summers. So I requested we go again this August. I contacted our friend Matt who's wife has gone up to Traverse for almost all her life and whose parents have a place up there. I wondered if they knew of anyone who might have a cabin to rent out. And guess what?! Aunt Rosemary has just that! We are confirmed and just need to send in our deposit. I'm so excited. Can't wait to get a cherry pie from the Grand Traverse Pie Company! (among other things). The cottage sounds really cute and is by the shallow part of a lake, great for the kids! Thanks Matt! Go Cubs!

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C said...

Great post! Love those shoes! :)

Matt Stratton said...

We're so glad everything worked out with the cottage. We just got back from Up North a few hours ago, and I'm already missing it (for one thing, it wasn't nearly as hot up there). I think the funniest part was when Jason told me that his godfather's place was up Traverse way...I had no idea that I'd been up there before. I guess this just shows how much attention I pay to things.

Make sure that when you guys go into town in Elk Rapids that you have pizza from Chef Charles and Carrie is now a big fan of the cherry mochas at Java Jones. Also, they have a neat little library that I discovered this weekend.

We love Elk Rapids :)

Kimba said...

Great collection of pictures. Love your ironwork! And the pot of flowes outside.

Nilsa S. said...

I love how a material or a color can be carried throughout a home ... it really ties things together without everything looking the same, if that makes sense.

And it tickles me you're having fun with the bridesmaids gifts. What kills me is that I can't talk about how excited I am with some of my closest friends (i.e., the gals standing up in our wedding) because then I'll ruin the gift!

TAMI said...

Yep! Those are mighty cute shoes!!

Karin said...

wow, so many great photos! I especially love the clock and the birds' nest, so beautiful!

Andie said...

Welcome to SHOESday! I LOVE my new apron.

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