Monday, July 7, 2008


I noticed on some blogs I've come across, that the author has a recurring happening each week with a clever name or acronym. Well today I have a million things running through my head as well as a bazillion pictures. It is all so confusing now and I can't bring it all together in a coherent post at this time. So while I'm sorting things out I thought I'd create my own little cute acronym "PIL." I wish it were "PILL" because that is actually a real word, but I can't think of another L word to add. If you can, please let me know! So PIL stand for Posts I Love. I will gather up things I've seen recently on blogs I read that I love and post links to these posts on PIL day.

So let's begin.

Oh, no! The Nester's computer has petered out! If you help her raise money, through buying one of her tassels, she will enter you into a contest to win some great decorating stuff.

This is one of the prettiest, no THE prettiest thing I've ever seen in the way of refrigerator decoration from the talented artist Ashley G who just moved across the country.

This post from Shoe Obsessed One is chock full of good stuff. First take a look at those darling curls on her daughter and follow her trepidation at getting the haircut for her daughter that she had originally planned. Additionally I just want to scream at her neighbors for putting up the death trap and no safety precautions for children who may wander into their yard. Finally amongst all her goodies received in the mail is the apron she won from me. :-D

Finally I LOVE this post because I am so happy for my real life acquaintance/friend who finally has moved into her new condo with her fiance (my husband's childhood friend) after much unnecessary pain and suffering in obtaining said residence. There is also a pic of her cute dog that I got to meet this weekend and actually like (I don't like most big dogs, but Somi doesn't jump on you and bark like crazy). Somi is very sweet and playful and cute.

Don't feel bad if I didn't mention your blog. I know you will make it to another PIL post. I just can't write about everyone I love in one post!!

2 ripples:

Nilsa S. said...

I love accumulating posts I love ... because sometimes, certain posts are meant to be shared. And that comment is independent of the fact you sent me bloggylove today. Thanks so much!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

First off--I am LOVING your new look (have I told you that yet??) lol What a cute banner design!

Second, I love your PIL idea (maybe you could add "lots" for that second L?) kinda corny but it works! I enjoyed the post!

Smiles, Karen

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