Monday, August 4, 2008

Feeling Yucky

I have had such a constant headache all day today so far. Is it the weather? My poor diet this weekend? Or perhaps it is that Miles was crying in the wee hours of the morning because his MyMy (teddy bear) was nowhere to be found. And I mean NOWHERE. I spent quite a bit of time looking under the bed, behind the bed, beside the bed, in the bathroom, even a quick glance around downstairs... Not fun. And I didn't find him. Luckily he was able to go back to bed without it for the time being after he calmed down.

Which brings me to the next slightly disturbing finding... After taking Miles to day camp I came home and started looking again for MyMy. Just for kicks I decided to look under Ella's bed. Um, there he was. I asked Ella about it and finally she said she took it from him while he was sleeping and hid it. Why does she have to have a mean streak with him?

Don't let that sweet smile deceive you!!

This weekend Jason's brother Scott visited and we all had a great time. We took him to one of our favorite restaurants which overlooks Deep Lake (we ate on the terrace) and specializes in Polish food which is close to the food of their Czech heritage which they love. Jason and Scott also joined the kids the next morning on the slip and slide.

Saturday evening we went over to our friends to see them and another friend who was in town from Austin. These guys and gal all knew each other since high school. It is good to see the guys talking and laughing.

Jason, Clint and Dan. Or as Miles says: Daddy, Click and Hay. Jen, Dan's wife,was putting Madeline to bed. Miles took way to much of a liking to that pink play purse...

Another highlight of the evening was this little cutie Madeline. She is very photogenic.

Jason is away for a few days for work so I'm holding down the fort alone. I'm getting more quality time with Paris who has started sitting still on my lap, chest or next to me for more than 2 minutes. I also broke my vow and made a bag (sewed). I'll take and post a pic for another day. I am also excited to be getting ready to sew a new jumper for Ella. Just need to wait for fabric in the mail. Got the pattern today. Speaking of mail, I got two good packages Friday. One was the rest of the fabric for my purse and the other a giveaway I won from my friend Crystal. Thanks Crystal!w Yippee, more projects to sew! I will have to visit the Fabric Shoppe again soon! :-)

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Nilsa S. said...

Ahhh, sibling rivalry! Let's hope they grow up to have a better relationship. Please tell me Scott didn't hide Jason's cell phone while he was visiting. :-)

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend! Forgot to mail the check over the weekend - will do so tomorrow! Feel better soon.

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