Friday, August 1, 2008

New Booklets

I recently saw some beautiful Amy Butler paper and just had to have it to make some more Booklets. This time I am adding little embellishments and different colored ribbon to tie them together. Each is truly unique and special. I am calling them "Glamerous Little Booklets." Here are a couple of examples. I have more done and will list them throughout the next week. For now, click on the pics to see them in the shop.

I know I still have many Booklets in my shop that haven't sold yet, so it is a risk to make more, but I think these new ones are even more special. I just love them and love decorating them each a little differently however I am inspired at the time. I just need to work on photographing them better!

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Justine said...

Hey love your blog and those gorgeous notepads! Did you get that retro flower from me? I sell those on ebay & etsy! small world?!

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