Thursday, August 21, 2008

Framed Print

Sorry this photo is blurry, it is night and the art is in the basement. Here is the framed piece I talked about yesterday. The art is a print by Jennifer Judd-McGee and can be found at her Swallowfield Etsy shop.

I had a sweet day overall with the kids today. They have been so affectionate with me. Even when I came to pick them up from childcare after working out at the Y, they both screamed "MOMMY!" in glee and ran to me at full speed with arms outstretched. Miles, in particular is getting SO much more communicative and imaginative. He has his cute little mannerisms and ways of saying things and is doing a lot more play cooking and building with blocks. I think he may also be ready for some simple workbooks. We had our moments today and I do find it hurtful when either of them blatantly disobeys me. Nevertheless I can't help but forgive quickly after a stern scolding and love the heck out of them.

And I FINALLY got my dance music done, copied and and order of songs sheet printed up. Plus a second batch for a new teacher. I just couldn't do it during the day. Listening to Al Gilbert's voice on all the exercises and the same piano tunes was driving me crazy. So thanks to Jason for giving time to do it all tonight sans kids.

I also did a small bit of sewing today, but it is a surprise for someone special, so you can't see it yet!

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tiffany said...

You inspire me to sew again! I love the dress on your daughter a few posts back!

tiffany said...

You inspire me to sew again! I love the dress on your daughter a few posts back!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Kristi, I came over to answer your rug question. Yes, it's perfectly fine to put a rug in a DR. I have a seagrass rug in mine, but that wouldn't be a good idea with kids. You want to be able to pull your chairs back from the table & still have them sit on the rug...that's how you judge the size, so measure out from your table when the chairs are out & see how big you need. Probably at least 8x10 or 9x12, would be my guess. My table is round & my 8x10 works fine with it.

As far as the shedding, is the rug wool? Sometimes I've heard this can happen with a new rug, although I haven't had that problem before. I think it's normal on wool rugs for them to shed a bit at first, but it should slow down after awhile. I love wool rugs for the look & feel of them, those are my favorite kinds. There are many wool Oriental styles out there & Homegoods & TJ maxx are good places to look for bargains on wool tufted rugs.

Hope this helps!


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