Monday, August 25, 2008

You can sew a Fabric Basket

Last week I found a tutorial at the PinkPenguin for a cute fabric basket and make one of my own. I think I'll use it for a little waste basket for fabric scraps when I'm cutting out pieces for projects.

I gave the other project I made to my mom. It was a wristlet, but I forgot to take a pic, so you don't get to see it. Sorry. I did cut out fabric to make another one, so maybe you'll see a similar one sometime down the road.

We had a very interesting Sunday. I had discovered the musical artist Bushwalla (Billy Galewood) through looking through some of Jason Mraz YouTube videos and such. We are big Jason Mraz fans. Anyway, Bushwalla has co-written some of Jason's songs, namely Curbside Prophet and they are good friends. I liked Billy's music and looking around further on his website found out he was doing a show (party) in Chicago THIS SUNDAY. I also noticed that he seems to prefer to do small shows, what he calls living rooms shows. This really attracted me because I prefer much smaller venues when going to hear a musician. I contacted the party organizer and we made it out to the venue (a forest preserve) to go see him. It was so fun as we met a lot of wonderful and welcoming people who were all Bushwalla and Mraz fans. Also, at such a small setting (there were only about 20 people there), we had "front row" seats and got to talk to Billy quite a bit. He was very gracious and friendly and just a really funny guy. He is a self proclaimed acoustic rhymer and has a other talents such as juggling, magic etc... So anyway, on with the pics...

Yes, this was our view of his show.

Having fun and goofing around. Two audience members helped fill in with the music.

He sang for quite a while as he balanced the tripod on his chin.

More than happy to pose for pics.

It was a great time and a fun adventure! I hope we get to see him again. I really hope we get to see the other great people we met again.

3 ripples:

C said...

I LOVE that basket!!! I need one!! Looks like a super fun time!! :)

Layla said...

What an incredible musical experience that looks like! I would love to have been there. :-)

The Lettered Cottage

PS...Thanks for the support on my Design Star Audition!

Amanda Jo said...

How fun is THAT?! I've always loved Bushwalla! What a great concert!!! I just can't believe he does concerts like that, I think that really shows some love of music rather than fame and money.

I love your scrap basket, too!!!

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