Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Make Someone's Dream a Reality

Here's your chance to do something wonderful to help a great gal out with her life love and passion. Layla hasn't been blogging for long, but I have started following her and love her style. She and her husband just bought a fixer upper and are fixing it up, bit by bit. She quit her day job to pursue her passion. She is so brave, so true to herself by doing this.

Well what can you do to help her out? She has sent in an audition video to be on Design Star on HGTV. You can go there, check it out and give her some stars if you feel she is as wonderful as I think she is. I'd also suggest checking out her blog. Her photos are wonderful and her video footage is so cute and fun.

So please go and vote for her! Go rate her video. While you're there you can check out the other entries too.

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