Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Sparse Fall Decor and Other Stuff

Fall Decor

After seeing some of you other lovely and talented bloggers' fall decor, mine is kind of embarrassing, but here it is, in a collage, because it makes it look a little better, I think.

Fall Decor 2008

Yet More Floor Updates

Here are some more floor pics. We are still waiting on the stairs. Did I mention that already?

Dining Room and Parlour
all the way through
Upstairs Hall
upstairs hallway
What I'm worried about...
Bottom of Stair Fix in Progress
Unfinished Stairs
Down the unstained stairs.

Yard Sale News

This morning I hit some great yard sales. Lots of clothes for Ella and a $1 "princess" halloween costume. It is really a Barbie Bride costume, but I can doctor it up. Better than $40-$80 for a Disney princess costume at the Disney Store! She now has a holiday dress and matching cute shoes, a rain coat, a cute Little Mermaid pajama set, jeans, warm-up pants, other cute dresses and dress sets... I also got the Leap Pad Word Whammer Fridge set for both the kids, a Leap Pad bank that tells you facts about money, keeps track of what you put in and helps you reach savings goals, a Veggie Tails video and a Clifford stuffed animal for Miles. I'm sure I got more, but those are the highlights. Too bad I didn't find any boys clothes today.

Tomorrow there is supposed to be a garage sale close by of a lady who was apparently on Oprah for being a hoarder. I might just have to go to see what all she hoarded. I'd almost feel weird buying anything. What does that make you if you by stuff from a hoarder? Are you then a hoarder by proxy??? Trust me, I am far from a hoarder and don't want to become one!

Here is the ad (as it is, not my spelling errors)!

Friday & Saturday
19th & 20th

(location removed for privacy though if you know the correct site, you could see it yourself)

You saw her on Opera now come shop area ex-harder perch her stuff. New and Slightly used women's clothing, shoes, accessories, teen clothing from top brands like Hollister, Ambercrombie & Fitch, ect. Tons of Jeans! New Barbie Dolls, new & used toys. Home items, new cosmetics items: clinque, Lauder, ect. New fragrances from top designers. Langaberger items & so much more! Save Money! Great Christmas Items!

There is also an antique cottage chic yard sale that I went to last year and hope to hit tomorrow. Sarah, if you are reading this, that is where I got your tablecloth!

Teen Mother Choices Publicity

Tonight Teen Mother Choices dinners and life skills workshops start up again. If you are just tuning in, I volunteer for this organization as a mentor for one of the teen moms. Recently there was an article in the local paper about TMC and if you are interested, you can read it here! Apparently there is a lot of interest in teen mom issues due to the Sarah Palin daughter thing. The article is great and I hope it stirs more interest and support. Especially since they want to take the program international. In the article, TMC founder Krista march says how I feel.
How can we be asking girls not to have abortions and then not support them when they decide to parent their child? And as for whether or not they "should" parent their child is the reason why I initially got involved. I learned a great deal about the deep emotional effects on women who were not given that option, which was not unusual for many decades.

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Sarah and Jack said...

Man the spelling in that ad is atrocious!

I would be foaming at the mouth over that yard sale happening again this year. LOL I just had that cloth on the table again last week, reminding me of picking berries at the farm this summer as autumn rolls in.

Justine said...

Hey there lady...
Thanks for all the advice on my blog! I'm feeling so overwhelmed so I appreciate your fast and detailed response... I will check out wal-mart. Last time I was there I didn't see anything like it but they just expanded the craft section so I will keep my fingers crossed.

The fall stuff you have around your house is lovely! I have not one thing but you know the situation now... I will definitly spruce up the new place. I love the collage you did!

Anonymous said...

Your fall decor is really cute! The hardwood floors are beautiful. I can only imagine how stressed out you are over the project, but it will be sooo worth it in the end. The yard sale sounds like it's definitely worth checking out, good luck! :)

Meagan said...

Wow.! I like these stuffs for Halloween decoration.

Kathy said...

Good Morning,
Just stopping by to wish you a Happy First Day of Autumn!

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