Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Update

Last Friday night I attended a very fun baby shower for my friend Julie. It was very special because Julie has two daughters that she and her husband adopted from China and this is their first natural child. This was all by choice, not necessity. They are also expecting their third adopted child from China to be joining them soon. YIKES! That's a lot of kids and babies!
2008 09 21_4151

Here are some pics of our newly completed wood stairs.

Here is a project I just finished last night, a shower cap. Yes I use a shower cap about every other day. I used the ones I got at hotels, except I don't go to hotels as much anymore and when I do, there is rarely a shower cap these days. This one will be sturdier (I hope) and not break so quickly as the thin plastic ones. I made this from a tutorial by Junie Moon. Overall it was easy. I had major trouble at one point, but then found a workaround to make it doable. If you want to do this project, contact me for the helpful hint!

This morning was a bit rough. Miles did NOT want to go to school. This was really out of the blue and I was worried about him the entire time I was away from him. I went over to my friend Susie's house to do a bible study with her and our friend Hannah on the book of Daniel (a Beth Moore study). I had called the woman who drives our kids to school, but never heard back. When I went to pick them up, Miles' teacher came out to the car alone with a stern look on her face. She informed me that Miles had wet his pants and all over one of the carpets and gave me the carpet to clean. She said 4 children had wet their pants all at the same time, it was mass chaos and us parents should be having our kids go to the bathroom at home before school. She said that Miles started screaming and yelling for me. I was a bit taken aback. What happened that four children all wet their pants at once? Why didn't Miles want to go to school? Why do I now feel like I did something wrong? I know, that is just my issue, but I felt she was pretty stern. As a preschool teacher for several years, has a child never wet their pants? Is this the fault of the parent? Miles hasn't wet his pants in an awfully long time. Overall I'm getting a weird feeling about this class. It didn't just start today and there is a little bit of a story behind it. Namely, tidbits I've hear from other moms. So, I'll keep you posted if anything else happens that I can share.

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Sarah and Jack said...

This is absolutely none of my business, but I wouldn't send Miles back there. If it were Jack? No way in hell would I send him back there.

Children have accidents. Children do not use the toilet at convienent moments. And making YOU clean the carpet?

Jack has had an accident at school before, they just bagged up his clothes and changed him. NO BIG DEAL.

Trust your gut mama.

Amanda Jo said...

Wow, Kristi! That would concern me a lot too! I can understand children having accidents but FOUR children having accidents on the same day paired with the sudden dislike of school and the way the teacher treated you...I'd say there's A LOT going on that you and the other parents should be concerned about.

Have you met with the principal about this issue? That's what I'd do!

Please keep us posted!! Poor little guy, school's supposed to be fun! I hope things get better for him!

Amanda Jo said...

I think asking the teacher would be a very wise way to go. Maybe there's a child who is bullying the others or something...I wouldn't be surprised if the fear of school and the accidents were caused by stress from a classmate.

I really hope this gets better!

Kyla Bea said...

Woah. That behavior is something I would talk to the principal(?)of the pre-school about. That's completely irresponsible & unprofessional. Tough day? That's her problem, if she's like that with you I would be worried what she's like with the kids.

Can you talk to Miles about what's going on that he doesn't like, and about what his teacher is like? Or could you explain your concerns to the principal and ask to sit in for a half day?

Yikes on that one! Hope to hear more (hopefully good stuff!)

Andie said...

Oh, go with your gut girl. If you feel something is weird about four kids wetting their pants at the same time, go talk to administration. Listen to your gut! I'm with you. Don't let the teacher make YOU feel weird. Did she ACTUALLY make YOU clean it up?

Andie said...

I would totally drop in unexpected at different times of the day and spy.

Jennifer said...

Hi Kristi,
I agree with the other comments- I'd find out more about what exactly happened that day to cause the accidents. Talk either with the teacher or principal/director. By all means, go and observe (if they'll let you)! Good luck!

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Bella said...

love the shower cap...have one cut out...but I can see where "I" might have a prob...would you share your tips with me?
...and then come over and sign up for my giveaway!

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