Monday, September 29, 2008


Ella the Kite Flyer
photo by Jason Wyckoff


I'm sorry I haven't followed up on our "situation(s)" regarding the kids' preschool. I was sick last week, thought I was getting better and now have a terrible scratchy throat with hoarse voice to go along with it.

Well the bottom line(s) are these...

I love one of the teachers. She is so invested in the best interest of the children. If she came off harsh to me at first, it was just her style of efficiency in communication while trying not to hold up the line of cars, but taking time to talk to me w/out embarrassing the child. As for the other teacher. The issues she brought up at the car, in front of my child, were "watered down" from the urgency and seriousness that went along with them at the first report. Ella is not doing anything malicious. She is trying to be a helper and a leader and hasn't learned the etiquette of not crossing the line into being bossy and taking over. She has been following some poor behavior of other kids and her "hitting" was a playful pushing of her backpack into of the girl in front of her in line waiting for pick up. I feel much less worried and know what to work with her on. As for telling me a lot of these things in front of her, it was all "justified" and watered down. And we could sit there and debate and argue on details, but it wasn't worth it. And I just hope that the request will result in it not happening again. And so after the observing and after the meeting I did conclude that I did not become instant friends with one of the teachers, but quickly realized that this was indeed MY problem. She's been really good for my child for 2 years, my child has a good relationship with her, and we'd be hard pressed to find as good of a preschool at such reasonable rates in our area. The teacher is strict and I do like that. Not many people we encounter in this big world will be all lovey dovey and motherly like our mom's. And she is not really cruel, just strict. So I will be going in to observe. A lot. And keeping my eye on the situation. Because based on emotions, I might have pulled a child out, and luckily I have a more grounded husband who stopped me. For now.


So much to those of you who commented on my bag. I had put so much work into it and was tickled that someone, even two of you like it. I didn't have time to list it on Etsy today. But I'm hoping someday soon!!

I'm also working on 2 other bags that I cut out LAST YEAR, and have been sitting around waiting to be put together. They are made of more autumn and darker colors of from sturdy home dec fabric.

In fact I have a long list of sewing to dos. I will be really sad if that list is ever complete. ;-)


Has been an amazing book of the Old Testament to study. We are only in the second chapter and it's AMAZING I tell you. It is just crazy how his prophecies and dream interpretations have been so eerily accurate. Then again, the date of the writing of this book is disputed... Hopefully that will be covered in this study. It has been something I was wondering about and a little internet research confirmed there is some doubt about that date. I'd love to relay all I've learned here, but that would take too long. So if you were ever considering studying, or just reading this book, I highly recommend it.

Anyone else nervous about our current financial crisis and the decision not to pass the bailout and the huge drop in the Dow Jones industrial average today?

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C said...

I try not to think about the financial situation...just do the best I know how with what I have. There is nothing I can personally do to the help the economy but I can do my best to care for my family! :)

Glad you got things work out at the school...that has/had to be hard!

Kyla Bea said...

Glad to hear that things have been working themselves out!

Nilsa S. said...

I'm glad you guys came to a resolution at school. I think it's a very difficult decision to make - whether to allow your children to stay in a situation that doesn't sit right with you. But, for your children to learn from people with different styles than the two of you is also so beneficial in the long run. Keep us updated!

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