Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Special Deliveries...

Our friends went camping in Door County of the weekend and, per our request, brought back a bowl from our favorite Door County potter Renee of Off the Wheel Pottery for us. Gail brought it over today when she dropped her son James off for me to babysit. We purchased a beautiful utensil holder from her last year. Not only talented, she's a real sweet woman too. She does a lot of these etchings (graffitto technique) in her folk style art.

Second delivery was from UPS and much awaited by both Jason and me. It is the photo book we made through "Blurb". (no I didn't just burp, that is the name of the company) This is the company that you will reach if you try to make a photo book through FLICKR. We were a bit underwhelmed by the photo book we made and purchased last year from WinkFlash, so we decided to try a new company. I almost went with Shutterfly. Not sure why I didn't, but as it turns out, I really like the result and I believe the cost was at least half as much. Here are some examples of the final product: (be sure to click on the pics to see the detail in the larger photos)

Front of book

First page

Notice how we incorporated some of Ella's drawings into the book. We just scanned them and added them in as if they were photos!

Back of book

It is just amazing that they can put photos of your choosing (YOUR photos) on the front and back covers of a hardbound book. Other book options are paperback with photos on the cover, and hardbound with a plain cover and photos on your dust cover. There are other sizes you can order as well. They have an AMAZING free software package that helps you put your book together with many layouts and background choices and text placement. Photos can easily and conveniently be uploaded from FLICKR or other photo hosting sites. Or you can upload right from your computer. I liked getting them right from FLICKR because they were all organized into our "Best Of" instead of having to go back and pick from ALL of them. And if you want, you can list your book for sale and make some money if anyone buys a copy. Great for photographers or writers... I highly recommend Blurb if you are looking to make a photo book. And I highly recommend making a photo book. It can be time consuming, but it is really worth it in the end.

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Nilsa S. said...

THANK YOU for this preview. I used BLURB for our wedding guest book (which is in the mail - I eagerly await its arrival). The pages look glossy, which gets me thinking. What kind of pen would you use to make sure guests who sign in don't smudge their writing?

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