Monday, September 15, 2008

The Weekend and Today

We had a very nice anniversary weekend getaway to Galena. Since not many people read this I will just post a pic of us 6 years later at the spot we were married.

For comparison sake, here we are there again in 2006. (For 2002, see post below).

Which brings us to today. We are getting new hardwood floors installed. When the installer walked in and asked which rooms he was doing, where the paper underlayment was (apparently not delivered last week with the flooring) and said that yes he'd be the only person doing the installation (and there is no way he can move our dining room breakfront all by himself - and we paid extra for them to move the furniture), I am just a little stressed out right now.

And in an effort to try to make just one post today, here is and example of the result of the work my mom and I put into making baby shower invitations for the shower she is throwing next month...

I first stole this idea from here and she got the idea here.

4 ripples:

Dawnie said...

I love Galena! We stayed there a year and half ago at the Trendwest Resort. We ate at Fried Green tomatos and had a drink and some appretizers at a little pub. I enjoy some of the shops there but mostly the scenery is just beautiful. Hubby and I just marked our 30th year! Your a beautiful couple.

Andie said...

Those invitations are SO cute!

Happy Anniversary!

Kathy said...

Belate congrats on celebrating your anniversary.

I have a couple of awards for you. Just come over to my blog and pick them up.

Amanda Jo said...

Those are the CUTEST invitations - EVER! I love them!!!!!

What a cute little chapel!! You two look so happy!

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