Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Floor Update

Overall, things are going better than I expected. After the 2nd guy finally came (guess he has to bring the underlayment and then stayed to help), 2 large bowls were broken by one of them. Which is crazy because I moved ALL the breakables out of the rooms they are doing, they just knocked them over by putting some books standing up next to them on a kitchen counter and then the books fell over pushing them off the counter.

The parlor (old dining room) floor is done, the dining room (old living room) is almost done. Just need all the quarter rounds. I think he is currently working on the upstairs hall which takes a little turn, so I assume that will require quite a bit of tricky cutting. The stairs haven't been touched yet. I think another guy is doing them? I don't know, I'm a little confused. And there is currently only one guy here today. I heard them having what sounded like a verbal disagreement in Polish yesterday. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

Well it looks pretty good. We already had wood flooring in the foyer. So this new stuff, while as close as we can get, doesn't match exactly. The color and grain look pretty good, it's just that the new flooring has less grooves and looks more smooth. In the end, I hope no one notices, or that it just doesn't really matter. Part of me is excited. The other part is a little shocked. It looks so different. The rooms no longer look so compartmentalized but more open. And I not used to that yet. Also we will soon need to start thinking about rugs. And Jason now feels more motivated to paint. Something tells me things may be in dissarray for a while.

Ella had her 3rd swim class today. She absolutely loves it and I am so glad she has something she absolutely loves. I think she gets antsy waiting for her turn with the teacher and staying on the wall when it isn't her turn. I think I saw the lifeguard scold her once for getting away. (I can see her class as I work out in the gym as there is a little window).

And the kids seemed to be playing really nice for a bit. But, as usual, someone did something to destroy part of the house. So I took the offending tool of destruction away, and the wailing has begun. What is wrong with me?

Oh, and thanks to Kathy for the awards! I will have to distribute those soon.

I am seriously considering taking a long break from the blog. I get upset about not having many readers (thank-you all who read and comment!!) and think maybe I may need to step away to think about why I do this and how to not set myself up to get down about low readership. The awards from Kathy and all the other sweet comments make me think twice. So we will see. I have been thinking about this for a while.

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Sarah and Jack said...

About the blogging and readers.

I think it is important, first and foremost, to blog for one's self. There can only be so many Alicia's or Hillary's, ya know?

Ask yourself WHY you are blogging? Recording memories? Sharing with likeminded folks? Trying to get craft sales? Trying to get in craft books?

The best blogs, in my opinion, are those that are a true reflection of the woman at the keyboard, not those that are pandering to readers and advertisers.

And the best way to get people to visit your blog? Visit theirs and COMMENT. Leave your name on every blog you go to and leave comments regularly. People visit those who visit them. And other readers will often follow the links of the commenters of the blogs they are also reading along with.

Kyla Bea said...

Oh no! But I've just found you!

The thing that I've found makes a difference is e-mailing your response to people the first time they comment on your blog. I've blogged for 3 years off and on with no traffic and then something about my most recent try has changed the outcome.

If you need someone to bounce ideas off of e-mail me at kylabea@gmail.com, and don't forget the blogging social networks like Nring.

And good luck with your floors, I am having new windows & doors installed today, and the house is being re-painted tomorrow. It's a bit of a gong show.

Nilsa S. said...

My first impulse is to tell you not to worry about readership. But, as you know, that would be "do what I say, not what I do" advice. :-) And I know it's a lot easier said than done. So, after you think about why you blog and decide it's still a worthwhile effort, I say think about your own personal blogosphere.

And by that, I mean I think your blog reflects two main aspects of your life. Motherhood. And craftsmanship. And for each niche, there are a gazillion others like you. So, in some ways, it makes it hard to attract other readers. Because the numbers are against you.

But .... you can flip that around and say, there are a gazillion people out there I can relate to. I just have to find them. And help them find me. It may be as simple as looking for other mommy bloggers. Or more strategic like mommy bloggers located in your geographic neck of the woods.

Find them. Comment on their blogs. Keep at it (because sometimes it takes a little while for them to pick up they have new readers). And eventually, you'll form your own, expanded blogosphere. I have no doubt it's out there. You just have to find it.

Kyla Bea said...

I echo Nilsa - I've actually started a separate blog for my craftiness because the audience for that seems to be spotty.

I'm blogging about crafts at http://kylabeacrafty.ca
and I'll happily add you to my blogroll & let you know if I find any tricks for driving participation.

I had no idea I was niche until last week, if you keep blogging we can be niche together lol = ) I would be down for working on a craft challenge or project with you & posting about it on my main blog, to see if we can drum up some interest. Let me know!

Justine said...

Hi there

Sorry about your blogging feelings! I'm sorry I don't comment more.. do you wanna know something? I tend to lurk at times on blogs and although it's not right, it doesn't mean I don't love the blogs I'm reading..

It's just that life gets in the way and between my handmade shop, supply shop, 6 MONTH OLD and all my fall shows returning I am exhausted... I promise to comment for each post I read because I love it when you comment on mine!

radioactive girl said...

I read somewhere that it takes at least a year to develop a solid group of readers. I was sort of discouraged at first too, but now I have met so many wonderful people that I wouldn't want to stop!

Yes, the Y is the one you were thinking of. My girls just love it there!

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