Monday, October 20, 2008

Beautiful Wedding

On Saturday we attended the much anticipated wedding of our friends Nilsa and Dan. Jason has known Dan since childhood and their parents knew each other before either was born. We just met Nilsa last year and discovered her blog early this year. As evidenced by the outcome, Nilsa planned and executed a wonderful, meaningful and beautiful event!

The venue was, at first glance, in a bit of a sketchy neighborhood. But once inside it was perfect. Very sleek and modern. The ceremony was in the front of the building (which was once an electric company substation but completely gutted and remodeled). White wood folding chairs were situated facing the front of the building's large windows with etched modern circular designs and sheer fabric drapes. The ceiling had a skylight, beautifully shaded lights and was right next to/below the L train. So once in a while a train would run past and was very quaint, in a city person sort of way. A large beautiful modern painting was on the opposite wall of the room and a very large mirror on one side, into which, one could gain a different perspective of the room and ceremony.

Lining the aisles were tall square vases of water containing flowers and a floating candle on top. Only one was knocked over by a "hit and run" guest making a large crash and a huge mess. But that was cleaned up quickly by the crew. The guests were delighted by two Spanish guitar players who continued on into the procession before and after the ceremony as well as into the cocktail hour. There was an air of love and anticipation all around. It was wonderful to see the excitement of both sets of parents and the happiness of the bride and groom. All parties were meticulously groomed and looking quite sharp. The bride was a vision in her classic soft white hourglass dress. Emotions were heavy as the bride displayed her deep happiness and love which must have touched all in the room.

It was a beautiful ceremony combining very well the traditional faiths of each side of the family.

The cocktail hour was in the middle room, where the dancing was to occur later. Another beautiful, but bigger room with delicious appetizers "floating" around the room and plenty of time to catch up with guests. As we found our table in the farthest room, we witnessed Nilsa overlooking the balcony from the upstairs as her dress was being bustled.

The dining area was gorgeous with tables dressed with tidy linens, beautiful floral centerpieces, with calla lillies, orchids, roses and other flowers in autumnal colors, pretty triangular pats of butter and cards indicating a donation to the anti cruelty society and children's hospital in lieu of a gift. Dinner was delicious with scrumptious rolls, a salad with greens, strawberries and a light dressing, a chicken main course scattered with slivers of cooked peppers. And finally, everyone was ooing and ahing over the cake. People actually wanted seconds! Dinner was peppered by speeches and toasts by the bridal party, the mothers and fathers and the bride and groom (who also walked around the room to talk to each table). The evening was topped off by dancing. All had a good time!

Now they are in Costa Rica on their honeymoon and I think Dan wants to say this to us...

Anyway, congrats dear friends and hope you are having the time of your life right now!

3 ripples:

Juggling Act said...

Wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing them with us, Kristi.

Neil said...

Lovely wedding pictures!! Bride looks very pretty with flowers bouquet.

Nilsa S. said...

That was a great recap and your pictures are professional quality. Thank you for sharing. -Jes

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