Friday, October 17, 2008

Things that Make Me Smile

Being at my parents house with the kids yesterday after not being there (or seeing my parents) for a few weeks.

Getting some sewing done while there.

Receiving vinyl wall lettering in the mail yesterday and applying it today.



Getting 3 inches cut off my hair and feeling a little lighter. Ella took this pic.


Talking to the kids today about their in school field trip about riding the pony and petting the small animals that visited their preschool.

Finding more good books at a garage sale.

Witnessing the very good manners of my children when I bought them lemonade from the stand at the garage sale. WOW!

Anticipation for experiencing a friend's wedding tomorrow. Jason knows the groom from his childhood and I've been getting to know the bride through her blog.

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C said...

Love the cute welcome sign and the color of your door! :)

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