Monday, October 27, 2008

The Covered Crate

Did you ever have milk crates?
Do you still have them?  We  have a few around and they are actually put to good use.  Mainly in the storage area of our basement.  Well it's time to break them out again people.  People who can sew a very easy project that is.

I first saw this idea on Joy's Hope where she referenced the original free tutorial.  These are milk crate slip covers!!

Milk Crate Cover

I've made two now and am just waiting for a storage closet to be done (shelves put up) so I can proudly use them to hold some of my fabric and other crafty business.  I'm pretty sure I need to make more for other storage needs. ;-)  And when I need to take them out to use something in them.  They'll look great, instead of milk crate...ish.  The Heather Bailey fabric I used to make these was purchased from the Fabric Shoppe.  The natural colored fabric is canvas, but you can use a lighter weight fabric.  I just wanted mine to be really sturdy.

If you want to do this project but find that the dimensions of your crate do not match those of the tutorial, the tutorial tells you how to adjust the measurements for YOUR CRATE SIZE!

What a fun - easy - and pretty project!

In family news...
The whole family enjoyed the downtown trick or treating event on Saturday.  We also painted a room, had a date at a local Italian restaurant and then attempted to walk off the calories at the mall.  

Last week Ella graduated in her swimming class from Pike to Eel.  Both kids will be taking swim classes now.  Both kids are in DANCE class.  Yes, even Miles.  What's wrong with that?  He loves it.  The teacher picked out cute costumes that have a boy verson with trousers, suspenders, a tie and hat.  Cute.  

I am enjoying teaching 3-4 year olds in my 3 new classes.  I still teach an accelerated ballet and jazz class but just added two pre-ballet and tap 1 classes and one pre-ballet and tap 2 class to my schedule.  I am also doing some paper pushing for the dance program and... drum roll please... pretty much got a very nice RAISE this weekend.  

In less happy news, hubby is sick.  He never gets sick, so I'm worried.  I was gone most of the day teaching and taking kids to dance classes when he needed me. :-(  He is sleeping now, so I hope his body is healing.  Seems like he has the flu.  Glad I got a shot.  We don't need two parents out of commision.  Just hope the kids don't get whatever he has.  I haven't gotten them flu shots  yet...

Tune in soon for exclusive photos of our newly painted 

2 ripples:

Julie said...

I love it! Don't you just want to make dozens?

iSew said...

They look great! I used to have a ton of milk crates around the house. I think you've made a good choice with your fabric there. I've got some of that HB floral and I can't find a thing to do with's huge!

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