Monday, October 27, 2008

The "Red Room" - Do You Have One?

Do YOU have a "red room?"  I have been reluctant to have a "red room."  Let me explain.  We were at a friend's house a few years ago joking about how avacado green was so in back in the seventies and the other wife said "Well people will look back to our time and joke about the 'red room.'"  There is truth to it.  Lots of people have a "red room."  And so I decided I could not have a red room.

Then we had a color specialist come out and for our dining room she chose a "red" of sorts.  Actually it was a Benjamin Moore color called "Potters Wheel."  I was leary, but I hired her after seeing a few friends' before and after paint in their house using the colors this particular specialist had recomended.  I hired her for a reason.  But I was especially nervous with a red.  I've had friends who've tried red before and had to try many different shades before finding the right one.  When I expressed my concern to her about this matter she just looked at me (she was very nice, her look was not mean, just "duh").  Then I said "I guess you ARE the expert and I should trust you."  "Exactly" she said. "Trust me."

This weekend we carefully painted and detailed our dining room with Potters Wheel.  After a tiny bit of concern that the paint looked very PINK when it came out of the can, luckily it dried much darker.  Think clay, brick, dark terra cotta...  Here are the EXCLUSIVE Before and After photos.  Note that the before photos are also before the wood floors, the chandelier and some other minor design changes.


After (though I don't have all the stuff back in the breakfront yet) (also, don't know why blogger is making new photos smaller, click on them if you want to see more detail, if it will let you) (and excuse the darkness in the first photo):

I don't know about you.  But we love our new RED ROOM!

P.S.  Nilsa, that's a wedding gift for you and D. up there on the top right of the breakfront. ;-)

8 ripples:

Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOVE the red color, it is beautiful! The wood floors are gorgeous, too. You've done a great job transforming your room!

Nilsa said...

I think the red is handsome with a splash of femininity. A nice balance between you and Jason.

PS - I'm honored our wedding gift made your blog! =)

Tammy said...

I think your Red Room looks gorgeous! It suits the woodtones perfectly. I love the new hardwoods also. It now has warmth. Nicely done!

radioactive girl said...

I love the looks very similar to the color our kitchen is.

Question: Did your kids have swimming lessons last night? I thought I saw you across the room but wasn't sure enough to come over and say hi in case it wasn't you.

Anonymous said...

i just found your blog - via the bloggy giveaway. the red room looks great!!!

BTW: awesome blog - i have you in my favorites.

Crystal said...

LOVE the red!! :) I have had a couple of red rooms and I think I will always have a fondness for them!:)

Kyla Bea said...

Wonderful colour!

Our red room is a red accent wall in our office left by the previous owners. At least we know they were keeping up with the times!

Jennifer said...

Good thing you got the right color the first time! It looks spectacular... and really makes the curtains pop!

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