Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beautiful Creations

I've been wanting to take more nice photos of the kids. This is a start. A beautiful creation of God, entrusted to us. And what a joy.

I saw someone wearing a sweater with a zipper like this last year and couldn't find one anywhere (not that I go shopping that much for clothes) but I did find one this year and snatched it up for holiday parties. Also bought the shoes the same day. Red, cute, but comfortable!

Couldn't pass up this totally cute pincushion made by Megan of boutiquenutmegdesigns on Etsy. She made it all, including the butterfly pins. All of this was included! I don't even want to mess it up with regular pins now. Check out her blog and shop, I found them separately. She makes the cutest things and has some really nice tutorials.

A doll nightgown for Ella's dolls. It is a little large for this doll, but a little birdie told me she might be getting another larger doll for Christmas. I had this pattern all cut out and laying around for the longest time. Thanks to my friend Hannah and her Monday night "Craftnight" she recently instituted, I got this done! It was a funny story. I thought I'd lost the directions and started to attempt to put it together without them. Then suddenly they appeared out of no where. I think actually, I had set the sewing machine on them and when I moved it to work on the pieces, it was revealed. Glad this is done.

Almost forgot this sweet fabric "snowglobe" ornament I got from Crystal's shop. I think they are all sold out now, but she has plenty of other very cute items in her shop!

And perhaps I'll have Jason take a pick of my new necklace sometime soon.

Next up...
  • Fix and finish Miles' pajamas (His head doesn't fit through the opening!)
  • Make a chef's hat for Miles
  • Make a masculine "dance" bag for Miles from an Amy Butler pattern I won from Crystal's giveaway many moons ago
  • Do a custom order of headbands for a new client (10)
  • When fabric arrives, make a handbag for brother in law's girlfriend
  • Futz around trying to make some flower pins
  • Make a reversible tissue box cover from an Amy Butler pattern I won from Crystal's giveaway many moons ago
  • ??? Randomly find cool things I HAVE to make

I called my mom and offered to come over early on TG to help, so I feel a little better about that. Starting to figure out and purchase Christmas gifts. Maybe we will paint this weekend? We'll see what all we accomplish. Hopefully a little rest and relaxation too!

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Vanessa said...

Google search led me to your site! I am not sure why I was looking for blog giveaways but anyways I did had to say what a cute blog you have! love it

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