Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy TG

I am happy yet feeling a bit guilty that I/we are not doing Thanksgiving this year. There is so much going on around this time and I guess I'm just ready for a little break from it. My lovely mother is cooking and parents are hosting this year for our family and my husband's family. I had hoped to have our family help at a shelter this Thanksgiving, but I just never got around to figuring out the logistics of that. So maybe another day we can do that.

I have some projects (sewing and house cleaning) that need to get done tomorrow, so I may not be back to post until next week. Who knows. I did get some good mail, a new cute necklace and even broke down and bought myself a cute sweater and shoes today. Hope to post all pics at some point in the future.

For now I leave you with the above pic of our cute kids in their pilgrim outfits from preschool. Hope you have many blessing to be thankful for this year and in the future.

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