Thursday, November 20, 2008

Busy Busy

I have been having fun creating simple crafts to donate for a fundraiser that will be held this Saturday. They had to be in tonight. So I guess I can stop being obsessed about it now. :-)

Here is a peak of some of the things I donated. I also gave them the two aprons, a handbag and a bunch of decorative pillows (that honestly have been sitting around in our storage area in a bag for a couple of years).

Tissue Cozies (Thanks Crystal for the tutorial).

Fabric Covered Magnets (Thanks Meg for the tutorial). I made some bigger ones too, but didn't take any pics of those.

Bag Tags (The fronts and backs are made of different fabrics - see next pick for them flipped over onto their fronts)

Now I need to FIX Miles' pajamas. I tried to get him to try on the top and it didn't fit over his head, despite the fact that I followed the directions to a T! So I need to figure out how to make it work. I'll be ripping stitches! I also have a show I'll be in Dec. 5 in my neighborhood, so I will probably feel as though I need to make more stuff for that. Though I think I'll feel like I need to make more complicated things. And I'm just not sure I have time for that.

I need to get the house in better order.

This weekend we are going to a Jason Mraz concert with our friends Nilsa and Dan. Should be fun. I hope I can take all that standing in a crowd, and being in a crowd. I'm not much of a crowd person... Should be fun! No really, it should be. We love this artist!!

3 ripples:

Julie said...

I love everything! Such fun fabric choices. They will be such a blessing for the fundraiser.
I think my apron looked long because I stuck it on a child's dress form to take a picture. My eight months prego belly didn't quite model it so well!

IamSusie said...

These are wonderful! I love the bright fun fabric combinations!

Are you planning to sell these at the show in December? If you are it will let me off the hook for making similar tissue paper holders.

Nilsa said...

Fun stuff! Wish I could make it to the holiday fair ... but, I think that's the night Dan is taking me out for my birthday dinner. And we also agreed to watch our neighbors' dogs that day, too. But ... looking forward to Mraz tomorrow! PS - I pick up my newly fixed sewing machine tomorrow, too. Yay!

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