Monday, November 10, 2008

Sewing To Dos

- sew Miles' soccer pajamas (this design on the fabric makes me cringe, but he REALLY wanted it), my mom found a pattern for pajamas from her stash, so pattern was FREE!
- cut out fabric to make another "Home for the Holidays" pillow teacher's gift (I found out Ella has a teacher's aide)
- cut out more canvas fabric to make 2 more milk crate covers (the pretty fabric for the bottom is in the mail, courtesy of the Fabric Shoppe)
- cut out fabric for a bunch of headbands and luggage tags to whip up for a craft fair for the organization I volunteer for (Teen Mother Choice) and also make up some more booklets (that's not sewing but still along the same lines as far as free time goes)

Well, those are my short term goals! We'll see how much I can get done this week. Doll nightgown seems to have taken a back burner.

The weekend was nice. The temperatures dropped (which is not nice), but Saturday I got to go out with Ella to get some things at Target. She badly needed more socks and I have been looking for and FOUND two little baskets to fit perfectly under our bench in the hallway for the kids to put their winter garb into.

I want them to become responsible for putting away their own stuff and that would be impossible with where I put their stuff now (up high in the closet). They already have their own hooks for their coats and backpacks.

I also found a shelf for the basement which Jason can set his photo prints on. I found PERFECT sized boxes for the teacher's gifts at the Card Outlet. Then on the way home we stopped by the local quilt shop, which is changing hands and changing names. I talked to the new owner and gave her feedback on what fabrics I would buy if she carried them. Yay! I hope she gets some good stuff. She is already trying to phase out the civil war prints and Thimbleberries. On a sad note, I found out that a great aunt passed away from cancer in Missouri and my parents are now out there for the funeral. Sunday we went to a new church for the 3rd Sunday and I went to a really nice baby shower for a friend who is having TWIN girls! I didn't know anyone but the hostess and the mom to be. But that is ok. I pitched in and helped where I could. Another sad, but not as sad as it could have been thing for Sunday. A friend woke up with one side of her face paralyzed. The good news is that it wasn't a stroke. It was Bells Palsy, which is caused by a virus and her face could be like this for 24 hours to 2 months...

Hopefully I'll be back soon to show you some sewing results! And when I get the time, I plan to work on the pillow tutorial.

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Kathy said...

Stopping in to see how everything is going in your part of the world. Thought I'd take a moment to say hello.... Hello

Jenn Maruska said...

Good grief - you sound super busy! Hope you accomplish all of your goals.

: )

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