Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sneak Peak Into Sewing Projects and An Afternoon with Good Friends

Here are just a couple... I have more fabric cut up and another project complete with two sets of fabric I just bought as well... AHHHH!

Milk Crate Covers (Cut and ready to Sew)

Tubes all sewn, just need to put the headbands all together.

This afternoon we met up with some very good friends at our local Burger King. I hadn't seen Tania in a while. They just adopted a sweet little boy a few months ago. Julia had a little boy a few months ago too. Tania is also in queue with a publisher to get another book of poetry published! I'll let you know when it is out. Though it may be a while. So exciting!

Kristi, Tania, Julia, Hannah

2 ripples:

Nilsa said...

I'm going to a sewing class tonight. Tote bags. And another one in early December. Baby blankets. You are my hero!

Nilsa said...

PS - I awarded you today over at my blog. Friday love in the house!

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