Monday, December 29, 2008

Bird Meeting

Well, the majority of the holiday celebrations are over around here. I hope you all had a very lovely time with family and friends, or by yourself. However you like it! I feel a huge weight off of my shoulders. I'm not very good with social situations and even worse with people I'm not all that familiar with.

So I'd say that today is back to normal, but it's not. In a way it's kind of better than normal. No holiday stuff going on, yet also no school, no teaching, no classes. Kind of a nice time to be, get things done, spend time with the kids!

Today I decided to get a bunch of errands done and I mapped out an errand route, as I usually do. First up was to get to the gym (YMCA) for a much needed workout. Not to mention it is good for Miles to practice being away from mom during his recurrance of seperation anxiety. He cried at first but did much better after just a short time. It was good to exercise for me.

Next was to go to the closer location of my doctor (she has 2 locations) which is not open to take patients now, but the office was open, to take my insurance card in to be scanned as I forgot it at my appointment last week. Right next to that building is an outlet mall where I went to return a few gifts. Sadly, some gifts were purchased last year, so could not be returned. With the money I purchased some MUCH needed long sleeve shirts for Miles at 50-60% off. Further down the road I went to an "upscale" resale shop to bring a few of our items for them to go over to determine if they will sell on consignment. And in the same strip mall is the credit union for the company I used to work for. I still have an account there in just my name and I'm putting my dance paycheck in that account in case of an emergency, or to pay for part of a vacation or something. All this time I was going East, so now I head South to a lighting store to look for a light for our powder room. They always have a bathroom light fixture there I like, so to my amazement, I found NOTHING I like there. Then home for a late lunch and nap time for kids. Next I will put some things away (shirt boxes, bags etc) in our basement storage area and do a finaly clean up down there. I've been on a purging and organizing spree in the kids rooms and hope to continue this through the house. So far I have 3 garbage bags full of stuff to put out for Amvets.

While you may be wondering why you wasted your time reading all of the above paragraph, here comes the funny cute part. The weather around here has warmed up considerably. From freezing to about 42 degrees. The sun was shining and the birds were out flying around. The kids (who notice everything) noticed several packs of birds flying around together in unison. You know how they fly. All independent birds flying in a way that makes it seem like several make up one larger organism. Well they were flying pretty close to the ground and swirling around in groups. My daughter noted the flying birds and commented "All those birds are going to a meeting". I chuckled and then my son said "Yea, a bird meeting". Which, if you could hear him say, with his little "can't pronounce r's yet" accent, would crack you up. So that was one of the highlights of the day.

Another highlight was coming home to the mail carrier leaving a cute Christmasy looking box on my front stoop. It was a cute little package of fun goodies and love from a fellow blogger. Someone I've never met in real life yet. She knows who she is. :-) THAT just made my week. How sweet!

I have talked more with my friend with the marital troubles. I am planning to meet her this week before she flies home. I hope I can help her in any way possible. It is so hard for me in some ways because I hate that she is being treated so badly and what is going on is just ridiculous, but I don't know the full situation. And if there is ANYWAY it can be made better resulting in them staying together. Well that is what I wish for her. I pray for her and her husband and kids every night.

Speaking of which, I need to call her to set up a date and then clean up the aforementioned stuff so I can do some SEWING!! I miss you sewing!

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Nilsa said...

Well, despite you not liking social settings, we loved seeing you last week! Hope you have a great new year, too!

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