Friday, January 2, 2009

Down Time

~Happy New Year Everyone!~  

I was not feeling well on actual New Years Eve, so Jason took the kids and himself to hang out with our good friends.  I stayed home and... no I didn't rest... I ended up cleaning most of the house!  Ah!  I'm so happy it's much cleaner than it has been in a while.  For the most part it is staying pretty clean so far.  Not so sure we (I) can keep that up once winter break is over.  It has been a pretty nice time after Christmas with no running around here and there.  Lots more time to give attention to the family.

I've been working a little when I can on my big project!  Here is a teaser (I'm still so excited!):

The fabric on the right is not part of the big project.  That is part of another project... revamping our parlour room drapes.

Once I get a handle on all the holiday pics, I hope to do a mini overview of the festivities.

And now that gift exchanges have been done, I can post this purse I made for my brother-in-law's girlfriend.  I love the colors and design of fabric.  Oh, and she says she likes it too. :-)

Finally, it was great to see my good friend Kim who I met in high school.  We met for lunch at Mickey D.s and Playplace time for the kids while we talked and caught up.  She was in our home town for a bit from her current home in Colorado.  Both of our parents still live in the same town.

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Nilsa said...

I saw Jen at the Presbie gathering. She had already unloaded everything from her old purse and began using her new purse from you. She was RAVING about it ... you did good, girl! =)

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