Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Morn Recap

I know I'm a little behind, but in case anyone was interested, here is a glimpse into our Christmas morning this year...

I almost did not make this gingerbread house this year. Last year it was so much fun and I decided to make it a tradition. But this year I was kinda swamped. But I did finish it, and it wasn't such a horrible task. ;-) Ella helped with the round hard candies around the windows, on the roof and on the ground.

Opening up their stockings.

Of course!

She was so excited to get the pajamas. She's worn them for so many nights since she got them, I had to convince her it was time to wear another pair recently.

Miles' new dance bag. Too bad he refuses to dance in class...

Happy to hug Blue.

Here's a small look at our tree. The most prominent feature about our tree every year are the handmade snow flakes. They were made by Jason's mom who is Czech and these are a Czech tradition. Other than that, our tree is a real hodge podge of ornaments, though no glass balls this year because it was in a room with hardwood floors.
I especially like to get an ornament as a souvenir when we go somewhere new. I think Christmas is a neat time to think of all of our trips. And it's better than getting cheapy souvenirs we will just toss. Sorry I didn't have the time to do Crystal's tree tour. Maybe next year.

Today I'm feeling sick. Scratchy throat and kind of tired. Tomorrow I only teach one dance class, so maybe I can get some rest then. Oh, I just remembered I'm hosting a teen mom mentor meeting tomorrow night, so cleaning will be involved tomorrow. Ugh.
For those praying for my friend in a bad marriage. Things are getting worse and I'm trying my best to counsel her. I hope I'm giving her good advice. Please pray for me too in helping her.

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Crystal said...

Love seeing your Christmas morning photos! :)

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