Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Bit Stressed

When people find out all that I am involved and and that I have two pre-schoolers they say things like "How do you do it all?" or "Wow, you are busy". And the truth is, I don't do it all. The laundry is rarely all folded until the end of the week (after I've started washing at the begining). I don't fix elaborate meals and frankly am terrible at planning meals. But I like being busy with those other things. They keep me from getting blue. They keep me going. But now. This is the time all of my activities combined with other things I choose to do this time of year combined with things I need to do this time of year because of my chosen activities, combined with Christmas shopping, planning, baking etc... It's too much. But I am trying really hard to juggle it all and hopefully things will settle down again soon.

My smaller project is going along swimmingly, I am pleased to say! My big project is going well. One aspect of it is almost complete. I think! Other aspects are slowly coming together. It is both exciting and nerve wracking. And once Jason can figure out what is wrong with the camera uploader thingy, I can post some pics I finally took of some Christmas presents I made for Miles a long time ago (it seems).

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Nilsa said...

I think we all prioritize our lives differently. And while Miles and Ella might not have perfectly folded clothes in their drawers, they have a mom who is involved. Involved in their lives. Involved in her own life. And to me, that's a great role model!

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