Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Handmade Gifts

OK, photo uploading problem solved.

Here is another one of the cute door hanger pillows that was made from a FREE pattern at I had forgotten that Ella's teacher has an aide, so I made this one for her.

Different colors than the first batch I made for the teachers at the preschool. My mom used her embroidering machine for the main panels.

Next up are the gifts I made for Miles:

A Bag for His Dance Shoes (if he ever actually dances in class again after this strange bout of separation anxiety). Made from an Amy Butler pattern from a kit I got from Crystal in one of her giveaways! Hi Crystal, see I did use it!

Soccer Pajamas, made from a comercial pattern.

A Chef's Hat, made from a FREE pattern at It was so easy and is so cute. If you like to sew and are a beginner or higher, you should try this one!

I think I am done sewing for holiday gifts. Now I am just planning to work on things for my big project and my new medium project, which is re-sewing and re-hanging some drapes.

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Nilsa said...

Super cute gifts for Miles. Lucky guy!

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