Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow: Pain and Joy

Around here we have been bracing ourselves for a dumping of snow and ice. We waited, it didn't come, we waited some more, it didn't come and finally it came (this is a matter of waiting within a time span of 24 hours, so we didn't have to wait long). Today we are snowed in. School is canceled. I imagine many people didn't go into work.

It was hard for the kids because today was supposed to be their Holiday Party. Ella cried that she wanted to go. I think it finally sunk in that if she went, no one else would be there.
The pain for me had nothing to do with the snow. An old friend sent a note. She is having some terrible difficulties in her marriage. Just unthinkable to me. How did I not know? It's been going on for over a year she says. I am so sad. There are kids involved. They live in a different state than I. There is not much I can do but listen and care. I can't imagine. And yet I can...

Today I don't have to worry about taking the kids anywhere or to quench that urge to finish Christmas shopping. I have already gotten a bunch of laundry folded and cleaned the family room. Still more to do, but it is nice to kinda be snowed in for us. Jason stayed home too, but is working. Good to not have to worry about him being out in this.
While putting away the gifts I received from my dance students, I found a note inside a small gift card from the mom of a little girl I teach who has trouble feeling comfortable away from mom. I've worked with her and befriended her and she finally started coming around. More quickly lately than at the first classes. Here are the contents of the note. They really made me feel good about what I'm doing.

Thank you for all that you do for the girls! [Our daughter] adores you -
even though she cries at the beginning of each class! :-) She always
comes home and shows us what she did in class and then does it all
week! We appreciate your patience and kindness and are so glad you are
her teacher this year.

Love, [family name]

2 ripples:

Amanda Jo said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. It's always so difficult wanting to be near, to help and to comfort, but not being able to.

I loved reading that sweet note from your student. Thank you for sharing that with us!

Nilsa said...

Looks like a great snow day. Minus the bad news from your friend. Sometimes a listening ear is exactly what is needed. Don't underestimate the power in that.

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