Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not Your Grandma's Casserole Carrier

It's done!

I love this fabric from the Swell collection by Urban Chick and from Moda, which does look a little retro, so maybe it is like your grandma's. Ha!

I wanted to make these with beautiful designer fabrics so that even the fashion concious would want to use one, or not be ashamed to use one. One of the nice features of my carrier is that there is a clear pocket to slip in a piece of paper with a little note. You can put your name in there, the name of the dish. Or another great idea is if you are bringing food over to a new mom or a home bound person, you can put instructions on how to heat up or complete the cooking of your dish.

The main part of the carrier is interlined with a thermal insulating and heat resistant batting (Insul-Bright TM) and the handles have a stiff interfacing.

A pretty coordinating fabric for the interior lining.

I won't be listing this today in the shop. I'd like to get at least one more (maybe two more) finished in a different fabrics and take some better photos of each. I probably won't be making a lot of these either but rather stick to the smaller items. My deadline for the casserole carrier was mid-February so I'm ahead of schedule. Once I finish the second one, I'm on to placemats. Haven't set a deadline for those yet...

5 ripples:

Crystal said...

LOVE it!! :)

Julie said...

List it this very second!!! I want it. But you better believe I would have trouble leaving it with someone. If somebody left me one I might "forget" to give it back to them, I don't know... forever!!!

An Accomplished Woman said...

Oh I love it. You should post the pattern, it is ingenious.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Totally get why the pricing on this one has to be unique ... looks like a complicated project ... but, it's cute - nice job!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this! What size pan will it hold?

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