Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Our house is getting to be about 16 years old and we have found ourselves needing to replace a few things. Last year, we got a new furnace and a new garage door opener. We also got a new snowblower because the one we had died and it was about 16 years old because we purchased it from a neighbor moving to Hawaii a few years ago. This year (we need it last year) we got a new kitchen faucet which Jason expertly installed. The old one was leaking and looking a bit nasty too. I hope the house will give us a bit of a break before something else breaks down!

We have discussed putting in an attic fan to reduce energy bills in the summer. Not to mention we need to find the hole where the squirrels have been getting into our attic. We have also talked about sprucing up the landscaping. Our A/C unit looks real old, but still worked last year. So I hope it can make it through 2009. Other than that we just plan to do a few updates in a couple bathrooms. At least for now.

Well I took pics with our 3rd camera (don't ask) but can't fint the cord for it to upload them. So for now this post is photo free.

So anyway, have you needed to update anything in your house, or in your life last year? Do you suspect there will be a need for any updates next year?

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