Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sneaky Peak

Thank-you for the encouragement and advice on Miles' situation. Don't know if I mentioned that he was perfectly content and having fun for the first 6 weeks of this same dance class. Something mysteriously changed in him over Thanksgiving break.

Maybe you are starting to guess what my big project is by now. I'll just give you this pic as another clue. What I was working on when this pic was taken is all DONE. At least the first batch. Hooray! I have a big stack of those and I have already moved on to "mass" production of the next item. Plus I'm already thinking of the details for the next type of item to make. However, as soon as I'm done with the first batch of the second item, I will be taking a big step and everyone will know what's going on. I'll divulge more information soon. I hope to get to this critical point before the end of the month. I am so excited!

Meanwhile, my machine is long overdue for a tune up. I went into the shop where this machine was purchased and was reminded of this fact again by the saleslady. I'm going to have to find a chunk of time that I don't plan to sew because she said it would take a minimum of 7 days for a tune up. More if something needs to actually be repaired.

My current items are being sewn using a walking foot. A new aspect of sewing to me. I love it. It is perfect for bulky fabrics. If you sew, you know that underneath the fabric is what are called "feed dogs". These move the fabric along as the needle sews. Well the walking foot is like feed dogs on the top. It is a big cartridge looking contraption which has serated like feet that push the fabric along from the top. A life saver!

Today I purchased a rolled hem foot. Again I did not know what it did. Thanks to the helpful sales lady, I now know. I'm going to have to play around with it before any serious usage of it.

I have a pretty bad chest cold right now which I typically have all winter in the past few years. I hope this one goes away as I'm currently on all types of allergy meds and nasal sprays.

Hope you all are staying healthy as well as any spouses, children and other loved ones.

Do you have any BIG projects going on this year? Would you share them or a link to a blog post about them in the comments?

2 ripples:

Harley Dee said...

Is your Janome the 8077 model? If so, I just got one for Christmas :) How often do you have to have it "tuned?" I'm a little dense when it comes to certain things in sewing because I am self-taught. And I really only started seriously machine stitching a few months ago.

But I'm looking forward to putting my new machine to some good use, like maybe making my first quilt soon :)

SoMi's Nilsa said...

You need to drive your tail down to the Singer outlet in Chicago. They gave my machine a tune-up in 24 hours. Actually, it might've been less than that. If you can't be out of a sewing machine for that long, it might be worth it.

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