Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Curtains Done FINALLY

When I went back to get the before pics for my parlour curtain project, I noticed that I wrote in March of 2008 that I wanted to get that project done "next". Though I will cut myself a lot of slack because that was right before my husband lost his job. But still, he started working again in July. So I don't know why it took so long. Anyway, here are some before photos of the drapes in our parlour (formerly our dining room). I loved the fabric, but not the shape or hanging method of them.

Here they are on one window in all their glory.

For the most part, they were falling out of the wall at their hardware.

Maybe you can't tell but the right side is drooping due to hardware tearing out of the wall.

Too short, need I say more?

Lining sticks out.


The origin of these drapes is that they were made by the previous owner. Love the fabric, but it needed a new look. I had something in mind. It may have changed a few times. But this is the result.
Keep in mind that since the befores we had also gotten hardwood floors, installed a new lighting fixture (though you can't see in in the pics) painted the wall a lighter butter yellow (from gold), and rearranged furniture and decor a tad.

What do you think?
Soon I will be posting the wonderful goodies I received from the swap I participated in through Crystal.
I also have some super exciting news, but it will have to wait!

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Crystal said...

I love them! They make the whole room look refreshed. :)

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