Sunday, February 8, 2009

Easy Heart Ornaments

I made up these simple cuties using my latest batch of "bits and pieces fabric scraps" from lassiegirl.

I saw something similar to these on a blog I read.

I also saw another post at Nicole's Our Cozy Nest with Tshirt appliques she did using a decorative stitch. I decided then that I really wanted to use a decorative stitch for something. Unfortunately, my machine has no such stitches. Luckily, my mom's does, so when we went to visit my parents on Thursday, she let me use her machine and I used its decorative stitches to make these little pillow hangy things.

They each have a different fabric on the back. SO easy to make.

Cut 2 heart shapes from 2 different fabrics. Cut some ribbon long enough to form a tab. Pin ribbon into place as a loop at the top to the wrong side of one fabric. Place wrong side of other fabric to wrong side of fabric with loop. Stitch together around edges until just over the second hump of the heart. Stuff with polyfil and then stitch closed. So simple. Should I be ashamed? (Not to mention I SHOULD be working on things for the shop...)

These were lovingly made for my children's preschool teachers and aides as well as the women I work with as mentors to teen moms.

This is my favorite.

I'd like to make a bigger deal about Valentine's Day than I have in the past. This is just a start.

Have you made or purchased any fun Valentine's gifts yet?

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You can call me Lucky. said...

I love these...they came out so cute!
I've already made some Valentine's Day packages and they are ready to ship out this week! Isn't it sweet to get something unexpected in the mail! I just wanted to remind some of my favorite people I love them! :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Kristi, your hearts are adorable! Thanks for stopping by & showing me your Welcome words on your front door. I love it!

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