Monday, February 9, 2009

Bag Sale - Bag the Machine

This weekend, I got all of this for $10!

First I must tell you about my interesting experience this weekend on Sat. at 9 am. I went with Ella to a $10 bag sale at a local resale shop. They are picky about what they take. Brand names and no stains or significant wear.

From the email they sent, I expected that the whole store would be included in this bag sale, though in retrospect, I can understand why it was not. You can bring things in to sell on consignment. This means they need to pay you if they make money. However, after a certain amount of time on the floor, if the items don't sell, you agree to let them donate them unless you call and ask to come pick them up. So I'm assuming their $10 bag sale items were those of that nature. How nice, they donated them to themselves and still made money on them without having to pay the person who brought them in.

So I walk in the store and am handed a clear plastic bag. I'm told all the bag sale items are in the back. I look in the back and it is JAM packed with women. Oh my. Being packed in with a lot of people and having to rummage through racks (because things were not at all organized by size) was not my idea of fun. But I quickly made my way through and found some really cool things. So we get in line, plenty of time to get through before Ella's singing class.

How it works is that you stand in line with your bag(s) and get to the first desk where someone puts all of your items into a blue bag and staples it shut. I think this way they can make sure all the items you put in your bag were indeed from the sale. Next you get in a shorter line to pay your $10/bag plus tax.

We were doing fine, had plenty of time. Next thing you know a woman and her older friend (mom?) see a woman in the line in front of us that they know. They then worked it out that their friend in line would take their combined 6 bags and check out for them so they don't have to wait in line. (!!!) Next another woman excuses herself to me to get around me so that she can get to the back of the line. She happens to know the 2 ladies standing in front of me and "stops" to talk. She then stays. (!!!) Suddenly the line is longer as more people tend to do this and people who were in line have more bags. We actually get to the point where we need to leave or we will be late to Ella's class.

I was almost in tears. How could I miss out on such a great deal! I handed the bag over and explained that I could not wait in line another minute because my daughter had to get to a class. My big mistake here was that I should have asked if they could hold the bag for me. Because the whole time Ella was at class I was beside myself that I was missing out on that deal and I had found some cool clothes. Both Jason and I called the store back to see if they remembered me and had not put my stuff back. By the time they got back to me, they had.

So just for the heck of it, I went back to this store after Ella's dance class. And guess what? It wasn't as crowded and I was able to find a lot of what I had wanted the first time around. It was so much less stressful than that morning.

Here are a few close ups of some of my favs..

And while I'm talking about bags, it is time... Time to bag up my sewing machine and take her in for a tune up. Because she's gotten to a point where I have to keep tweaking something way to often and it is nearly impossible to get anything done. And so I will have some (unwanted) downtime from sewing. I do have a machine I'm borrowing from my mom, but it really doesn't work for all I need to do as the specialty feet I need to use are not compatible. Oh, poor me!

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