Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bye Bye Spring

HOPEFULLY we are having our last snow/sleet storm of the season. Remember 2 weeks ago when I mentioned going to the ice cream stand twice and eating outside? Not tonight people!

I'm still feeling pretty miserable. Ella couldn't sleep last night when I went in to check on her, I asked what I could do to help her sleep and she asked to sleep in our bed with us. I compromised and said she could sleep in the guest bed with me. Co-sleeping is not a practice we do around here, but there are always exceptions. She fell right asleep once we cuddled up in the bed and I put my arm around her. She was up several times with multiple issues and I got up once to get her medicine when I felt her burning up.

I have had a slight fever all day 99-100 degrees, which I guess is nothing to be concerned about. Except that my throat has become sore and I feel really lousy. I feel so guilty because it has not been fun for Jason to deal with a wife that is not up to speed, I'm sure.

Luckily 3 of us got a nap today, including these sleeping beauties:

Ella's temp is now normal, but she still has a sore throat. I have not even attempted to try to get her to model the new outfit I made, you will have to wait a bit. Plus this weather really doesn't put one in the mood to try on shorts! But she did stand for me to show off this cute nightgown that my mom made for her.

I recently purchased some home improvement items. Here are some knobs I bought for the cabinet doors under the sink in the powder room. I found these at Hobby Lobby. They seem to have a bigger assortment now than I ever remember seeing in the past. I thought these were elegant. Of course I always seem to pick the most expensive things, but these were 50% off, so it was like getting 2 for one. None of the cabinets or drawers in this house had any hardware on them when we moved in which I hate. I've only since put knobs on cabinets in the master bath and the laundry closet. I also had Jason put knobs on the cabinets and drawers we had put in when we had our basement finished. All that's left now (after these are installed) are the kids bath and our kitchen (which has a LOT of cabinets and drawers).

Speaking of the kids' bathroom, I am so ready to redo it! The wallpaper was ok for a while, but it is starting to peal and get on my nerves. The towel rods are ugly and bent and the lights one of those famous light strips with the big round lighbulbs sticking out. I already purchased a new shower curtain and a cute metal beach bucket for a wastecan. I wanted a beachy feel sign or artwork to hang and just found some signs at Homegoods that I decided to get. Then I found this... Just hanging out in the mirror section, all by itself and I knew I had to have it instead! Click on it to see a close-up. It is a chalkboard with wood paneling painted grey. A very beachy look and how clever! I can write sweet messages for the kids to see in the morning. Grr, can't wait to get rid of that wallpaper. Sorry you had to witness that part!

Other plans I have for in there is to paint a pale beachy blue, put up some new towel rods (already purchased at Homegoods), frame some photos of the kids at the beach, and get a new light fixture someday... Still don't have anything in mind for that.

Sorry for the not-so-great photos, I'm not so good with the point and shoot Nikon.

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