Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hello Christmas?

Today my son asked me why it snowed last night.  When I said I didn’t know, he suggested that maybe it was Christmas.  I had to laugh and tell him that was a long way off.


I’ve been extraordinarily patient this year with the winter weather.  If you know me well, you know I am not a fan of cold weather and in fact love warm weather and enjoying outdoor activities.  So today was hard.  On top of being sick and not getting much sleep as I was pretty bad last night, I was quite unhappy at the snow.  As you can see, we received quite a bit, around 6 inches.  I’d heard it was coming but held out that maybe, MAYBE it would just stay away.  But Spring can’t be that far away can it?

In happier news, the Unfortunate Fat Quarter Contest at Quiltplay (our local fabric and quilt shop) is closed and all of the projects are up for display and voting.  


Locals come vote for me!  See my mobile hanging way in the back there.  I hope people see it!!


Here is how it works. The voting is using a "Change Wars" format, so once you've picked your favorite (or favorites!), simply donate as much change as you want to the entry you want to vote for.  When voting ends on Wednesday, April 15, the winning entrant will receive 12 fat quarters of her choosing.  All proceeds from the voting will be donated to the Avon Township Food Pantry.


1 ripples:

Sarah said...

Oh, I can relate to you on the snow! I am so ready for spring!

What an adorable mobile! I have never seen a quilt mobile, and I love it! I'd vote for you if I could.

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