Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Proud Moments

One recent development around here that I have failed to report on yet is that Ella is really "starting" to read! She's read words very slowly for a while, but she can now read very simple books and is having an easier time with sight words. I just started letting her check out books from the "very" easy reader section of our library. I plan to let her read ALL the books in that section (it's not that big) and then move on to the next level of books. She will read with Jason or I and we will fill her in on harder/longer words. So I believe she is learning to read new words all the time.

The other proud moment (or 45 minutes) for me personally is that I had my large pre-ballet and tap class start on Monday with 10 girls and it actually went well! I am proud I was able to keep 10 mostly 3 year olds engaged enough so that chaos did not ensue!

Finally, here is the final result from my "unfortunate fat quarter" challenge with all the pinwheels. The pinwheel mobile.

The blue fabric was the "unfortunate fat quarter."

And lastly, I am chugging away at my latest potholders...

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Crystal said...

Looooooooove the mobile!! :)

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