Monday, March 9, 2009

Getting There

I have many things I'd like to get done, some of which you know about if you've been reading along. However last week I had a nasty sinus related cold thing. Then I decided to reprioritize a bit and got lots of house cleaning and laundry done. And spent lots of good time with the kids. But I did try to keep the sewing and crafts going. Piece by piece. First I had two custom orders from my Sunnypond shop.

Two pinwheel barrettes on aligator clips (as opposed to a french clip) and smaller than the others I've made (though only one is currently listed in the shop I did make 2). They turned out so stinkin cute, I'll probably make more when I have some "free" time. These are about 3 inches in diameter from point to point.

And another fabric flower brooch. This was one enthusiastic custom order requester. I hope she LOVES it.

I also finished another T-shirt and shorts outfit from the rocket fabric which I sold to my LJ friend Kate in MA. She will wait for summer to try it on her son otherwise he'll want to wear it all the time, so I'll have to wait a bit for pics. I used a navy T to applique his rocket onto. I think it looks much better than what I did with Miles'. Much more of a contrast.

But now I'm seeing my "unfortunate fat quarter" challenge project come together. It involves pinwheels. Lot of them. And since I'm almost done, I'm going to wait to take a pic until it is complete. Maybe tomorrow?!

And more excitingly, I have started some new potholders for my sadly neglected Kitchen Stitchen store with new fabrics. 3 of which I am absolutely drooling over. Hopefully that 4th will turn out stunning once it is all put together. I have also cut out fabric to make more towels, but I'm running low on those, so I put in an order for a whole slew of new towel blanks. Plus a bunch of metal buttons to make fabric covered magnets. And maybe someday I can get back to that placemat design!

Though it is still cold-ish here, it is feeling a lot more like Spring is around the corner. The kids were excited when I pointed out some bulbs that were poking out of the ground. Ella had helped me plant them last fall. I hope she is proud when the bloom. Have a great day full of hope and joy!

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SoMi's Nilsa said...

Isn't it amazing how momentum turns into something tangible? Sounds like you've got lots of great projects nearing completion, which are turning into sales. Awesome, Kristi!

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