Thursday, March 26, 2009

Out of Order

Sorry this post is all over the place but I have to make up for my lack of computer/internet time and indefinite date of return.

My hubby left early Tuesday morning for a business conference in Miami. Wouldn't you know, later that day the computer decided to explode. Well not literally, but it did make a terrible noise and displayed (apparently what computer people call) the blue screen of death. I've rebooted a few times and I can run some programs for a while, but then it blows up again shortly. And I have lost all access to internet on there every since the incident. Since Jason is the computer god, we will have to wait until he gets home for the verdict/fix.

I am currently at my parents house using their computer. We often come on Thursdays to see them, and today it was nice to catching up on all things electronic. Since I can't post any recent photos of my own from the past few days, I am giving you this wonderful photo from my husband's site. He took this Sunday morning of this week of the view from our back yard at sunrise and we love it and most likely will have it framed. I'm sure he will enter it into the next camera club photo contest. And his photo that won "print of the month" at the last meeting went on to a bigger contest and won a prize while earning a high score. He is certainly improving his skill and I am thrilled he is appreciating the things around him more as well as gaining a deeper appreciation for art. Ok, well I think he's on his way at least on the art appreciation thing.

This week I made a shorts and babydoll style tank for Ella. The fabrics are not necessarily your typical little girl fabric color combo, they are a tad muted, but I think I like them.

They are from the Wonderland Collection by Momo for Moda.

Garden Party in Sugar

Tweedle Dee in Sugar
Pattern is McCall's M5572 (Style on the Model on the Right)
As soon as I can, I'll post pic(s) of Ella modeling her outfit.

Applications are now available for artists for the local Summer Farmer's Market. I am so nervous, but I know I want to try it. So I should just press on and do it. I just need to jump over this fear hurdle and think of all the potential there will be for so many opportunities.

Funniest moment of the week so far. I was sitting down on a comfy chair (something I rarely do) and Miles asked if he could sit on my lap (maybe I should do this more often). He seemed to feel comfortable and "safe" because he confessed to me that he once tried some cat food at it was "kind of yucky." Hard to explain, but not only was it funny, it was a precious moment for me to have him share something "secretive" with me.

I have been feeling particularly sentimental as I spent a lot of time Tuesday night (without internet) going through old photos on the computer. By old, I mean a few years ago. And I was just LOVING seeing the kids at earlier ages. Very fun, sweet and sometimes shocking to see how they looked. It may have been enough motivation to finally start the scrapbook for Miles' first year.

It really has been a fabulous week with the kids. They have been pretty well behaved and I've been so happy watching them and being with them. Guess that's a good thing as their Spring Break starts next week!

Last night I checked out a DVD of Emma from the library. I started reading the book (by Jane Austin) but never finished. I started watching after the kids went to bed. At first I was a little uncomfortable with the oldness and somewhat cheapness of the production as well as the forced acting. But after 3 episodes it has drawn me in and I can't wait to watch the rest.

Miles still has a bit of a cough and Ella is complaining of not feeling so well. I didn't think she felt hot, but my mom took her temp and it is high. Poor thing!

Finally I will leave you with another one of Jason's recent photos from his 365 project because it will give you a glimpse into my sewing mahem that takes over the house. Kinda pretty though I think.

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