Monday, March 23, 2009

First Weekend of Spring

I cannot remember a first day of Spring in Chicago where it has actually felt like Spring. Until now.

Saturday was the first official day of Spring and we had already taken a trip to our local Tastee Freez (ice cream stand) and ate outside (well the kids ate, we watched).

Friday night I finished a pair of pants for Ella from some discounted Amy Butler fabric I'd bought a while ago from a local craft store discontinuing their fabric section.

On Saturday after Ella's singing class, a few errands and the boys going out for haircuts together, Jason's parents came over to watch the kids (Miles' fever was gone and he was dancing around the house) and we went out to shop at the Pleasant Prairie Outlet Mall in Wisconsin. We are not too far from Wisconsin, which I think is nice, but some of our friends make fun of us for. It was a fun and productive trip. Jason got some work shirts and other clothes, I got some Spring and Summer shirts, comfy wedge sandals and some cute Fossil bags which I would otherwise have passed by because of the original price. We also got some Pepperidge Farms bread and Goldfish (for the kids) and had fun sampling dips at Le Gourmet Chef. On our way home we picked up a movie and after putting the kids to bed watched "W". A very interesting movie. I just wonder how much of it is accurate.

Sunday was church, home for salads all around. And since the kids finished their salads (I think it took Miles 2 hours to finish), we took a walk to the Tastee Freez again. The kids got strawberry ice cream cones with a cherry on top and again we watched them eat outside. It wasn't as warm as the previous Tues but certainly comfortable in our coats or sweaters. On our walk on the way home we stopped in the local quilt store where I drooled over some new fabric arrivals, saw that the coffee shop that closed down in town was being reopened by a different owner and that a new store is going in at another downtown location which will be an upscale resale shop. WOOT!

While waiting for Miles to eat his salad and later after our walk, I did a ton of organizing and purging of clothes and boy did it feel good! I can't wait to do more of that.

After the kids took a bath we played a family game of Mexican Train dominos and then put the kids to bed. A LOVELY first weekend of Spring. How was yours?

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SoMi's Nilsa said...

Sounds like you really made the most of the beautiful weather! Sweets and I had a wedding to attend on Saturday, so we dropped SoMi off with his folks and went to the wedding. We spent the night with Sweets' parents. The next morning, I took the dogs out back with a cup of tea and just sat in the sun. Later, I took them out and read a magazine. And even later, Sweets' parents joined me with their own books and magazines. We all took the dogs to the dog park and then had dinner and watched The Amazing Race. All in all, a great weekend!

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