Friday, March 20, 2009

Thanks I Needed That

My latest addition to the Store.

Just sold two other towels after quite a dry spell. That feels good. :-)

I also received an inquiry about whole sale orders which I responded to buy have not heard back about and another about consignment. I'm nervous about that. I'd have to ship stuff to another place. But would it be worth it for the exposure? Anyone have experience with this? It would be for a webstore.

I've also been made aware of a new "Slow Food" movement, the global, grassroots movement originating in Italy that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment. I am going to figure out how I can incorporate my products into this philosophy to develop a better niche for myself.

  • Miles has been sick and sleeping all day but perked up a bit right before dinnertime. He didn't eat much but was very talkative and gregarious and he has cooled down considerably. Then he wanted to go right back to bed which is good. He needs the rest.

  • It has been pure misery trying to get these cats to take their deworming medicine. It's in a powder which I am to mix in with a meat variety of baby food. Velvet wants nothing to do with it, so I tried mixing it with wet canned food. Still not interested. Called the vet who told me to try mixing it with the dry food. I don't think anyone's fooling Velvet. Paris is much better but gets a little tired of it after one helping. I have to divide the powder in half and give it twice a day. Plus I have to do the same with powdered probiotics for Paris.

  • I have been reading advice and article and posting in the Etsy forums about how to get more exposure for my shop and feel a bit encouraged. I'm a little nervous about approaching some of my favorite home dec blogs to see if they'd be willing to feature my shop on their blog. Do you think I should try?

  • Forgot to mention that Jason gave me a "night off" Wednesday night and told me to get my nails done and come back whenever. It was great. I did get a mani-pedi, went to Panera for a salad and a cafe latte poring over lots of crossword puzzles. It was a nice break.

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Nicole Milkie said...

Hi THere, I have been following your blog and really enjoy your posts. I want to encourage you to ask those blogs to put your shop on their site. You are really great items and they look very well made. I think you would benefit grately from partnering with other home blogs. I think they would be glad to have your shop on their site as well.

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