Friday, March 20, 2009

A week in the life of...

This morning I planned to share a recipe for a cake I made yesterday and then enjoy being alone to get some things done around here.

But last night after having a slightly sick sweet boy, the sweet boy's temperature spiked to 104, and I worried. And I woke up my husband. And he voluntarily ran out to get some children's acetominophen so we could do double duty with the ibuprophen we had on hand which didn't seem to be affecting the temp all that much. It did the trick, but he was hot this morning so I'm keeping him home from school. He was SO unhappy and cried. But this is good. He LIKES to go to school. He is no longer crying when he has to go or when he is dropped off.

And I can't find the camera on which I took pictures of the aforementioned cake and assume that Jason took it with him as he left the SLR. So today's post will not be a recipe. Maybe next post.

Yesterday my parents came up for a visit which turned out great for me as I had to bring both of our cats to the vet. The vet doesn't know what is going on with the kitten but we are going to systematically treat her for various potential causes of her blood in stool. So now I'm to feed both cats a deworming powder in meat baby food and a probiotic to the kitten. The problem is that the older cat will not eat the baby food nor the soft cat food I tried. Yet he is BEGGING for dry food. So I'll be calling the vet for advice on that.

I also got to run a few short errands including going to Joanns for some elastic. And I also ended up leaving with this (and a coordinating fabric for trim):

So you know what my next towel and potholder set will look like.

Sales at Kitchen Stitchen have been REAL slow. I'm looking into doing a local Spring Farmer's Market to see if I can do better in person. Still not sure on the Art Show.

Speaking of the store, here is the new packaging for my magnets. I love it. So much more professional than just throwing some magnets in an envelope. Though the packaging adds a bit to the pricing. I think it's worth it. Especially for gift giving. I am thinking of using a punch I have to put a paper background in the bottom of the tin behind the magnets.

And because of the small amount of the Red Beater fabric I purchased, I had to make the tea towels in a different style... In case I haven't mentioned this enough, I LOVE this fabric.

We have started focusing more on chores with Ella. We really need to take advantage of the fact that she LOVES helping out and loves the positive reinforcement. I paid her a quarter after she folded all of our socks and put them away. She has been putting coins in a piggy bank for a long time, so I had her count all her change and see if she had enough to buy something I told her about - a leotard outfit for her American Girl doll which I found at a resale shop. She did and we went to buy it. It was so cute to see how excited she was about the whole thing.

Another major incident* in our household was that I thought our dishwasher was broken. I ran it one night and in the morning the dishes were still dirty and the green "Clean" light was blinking and I couldn't get any programs to run or get the light to stop blinking. I phoned Sears for a service call and was not to happy with the pressure the customer service rep was putting on me to purchase the more expensive service charge which included parts and a warranty and a voucher if the machine turned out to be unrepairable. The dish washer is only 2 1/2 year old. I finally got off the phone with her using the excuse that I had to talk to my husband about this. She said she'd wait for me to call him and I explained I had to get off the phone with her to call him. She didn't like this and demanded "Can't you just make a decision right now?" Well forget that. I went online and found a quick fix at It worked the blinking light stopped. We were able to run the dishwasher and it works. Ha!

I have REALLY been enjoying the sunny weather. We had one warm day this week and the others were certainly not as cold as it has been. I'm VERY excited about the warmer months!!

Have a GREAT weekend all!

*I consider this a major incident because I HATE doing dishes.

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SoMi's Nilsa said...

Here's hoping Miles feels better, the weather continues to get warmer and sales in your store pick up!

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