Monday, March 16, 2009

First Real Style

This past Saturday morning I took Ella to singing class as usual, but when I got there I was surprised to find out (because I never wrote it down) that it was parent observation day. Too bad I didn't have a camera with me. Overall it was nice to watch the class. I'm still pretty sure Ella can't sing any better. But you know, we'll see. What I did notice is that Ella's hair looked dreadful. Don't ask me why I hadn't noticed this before. Perhaps I was unwilling to look past the length. If you have known Ella for a while, you know that her hair has taken a LONG time to grow in and there are parts that grow slower that the rest, like the side. So what we had was shorter on the sides and long in the back. Trust me, it didn't look so great (once I actually looked at it objectively). So I decided right then and there I was taking her in to get it evened out. Even if they had to take off a bit of length, it would look better overall. I am very happy with it. Plus I have started using the curling iron a bit to curl it gently under. If I don't, it is so straight and looks like straw. Here she is. Front view and side, since it's not as easy to see the cut from the front.

And while I'm talking about Ella, she has been a very willing helper lately. Last night she folded all of our socks from the laundry and put them all in their appropriate drawers. I gave her a quarter for her effort. She is saving up for an American Girl outfit which I just discovered they sell at a local secondhand shop.
I completed photographing all my new creations for the shop and am going to work now on listing them.
I am also thinking of trying out selling at the local Farmer's Market and get a feel for whether my items will sell in that type of forum before deciding whether or not to do the art fair. I do have a friend who makes jewelry and has done that fair and she did very well.
I brought another unfortunate stool sample into the vet and they still see no parasites but were concerned about the bloody mucus so I'm actually bringing both cats in for the vet to examine on Thursday. Meanwhile I have to get a urine sample from Paris. Fun times.

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Jennifer said...

Ella's hair does look cute!

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