Sunday, March 15, 2009

Four Hundred Fifty

Last night Teen Mother Choices of Northern Illinois celebrated their 20th year of helping teenage moms learn to be good mothers, finish school, find jobs, build self-esteem, feel unconditionally loved and not judged.

20 years ago, a young woman named Christa March spent several hours in a shopping mall talking to teen moms she saw. She was wondering why they weren't in school. After speaking to them and listening to their trials and challenges, her heart felt for them so strongly that she was lead to start an organization to help such young ladies.

I have been a small part of this wonderful organization for almost a year and a half and am in awe of the selflessness and love of the volunteers and the transformations of girls into women who are GOOD mothers and SUCCESSFUL and productive members of society.

As of this date 450 girls (and their children) have graduated from this program. Think of all the changed lives. These girls would not have been able to be where they are today without the help from this program. And their children... think of them.

The photo of the candles (above) was a representation displayed last night of all the women (blue candles) who's lives have been changed and their children (white candles) who's lives are that much better because of this program.

What a glorious example of what God can do through His people to reach out and change lives for good.

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Crystal said...

I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog!! I don't think you are boring at all but rather inspiring to me to keep learning new stuff!! :) I am SURE that you have many more readers than you realize...lots of folks just never comment. :)

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