Friday, March 13, 2009

Normally Omitted

I was talking to my husband and was kind of down. He asked what was wrong, and among other things I told him I was upset that my blog was not doing well and I really had nothing but boring stuff to post and he asked "Well what about the cat pee?" Occurances such as these I tend to omit. Not only do they seem boring to me, they also seem gross. So I'll try it, but tell me if I need to keep omitting these types of things.

We have a young cat that we got as a kitten in July. It has been my experience that most cats are very easy to litter train. As really, there is not much training to do. You show them where the litter box is, put them in there and they pretty much get it. Until they get old and onery.

Of course I've never had a kitten in a house as big as ours. We had a few issues early on with our kitten Paris. She left a few presents on our living room couch, and they were not exactly of the firm nature. We decided we need to move one litter box to the main floor from having them all in the basement. This seemed to work for a while, but we occassionally get a present right out side of the litter box. The presents are always worrisome looking. I even brought a sample into the vet for testing, but they said it looked fine? Really? I even saw blood and mucus in there. So I worry about her still, but not sure what else there is to do after talking to the vet multiple times.

And her latest trick? Urinating on OUR bed on Jason's side. The first time I was sure the cats just had spilled Jason's water over. You should see the nightstand on his side, the wood is completely ruined from his water spilling. There was no strong cat urine odor. The next time we thought it must be her. Two spilled waters in the exact same spot? And the third time I witnessed her scratching around and then found the wetness. I thought I'd curbed this behavior by pulling the comforter all the way up on the bed everyday. But no, she managed to do it a 4th time. It's a lot of mattresses cleaning and laundry after a while. So I'm not sure what to do. Maybe call a different vet. I don't know.

And to top it off, our older cat Velvet binges and purges. He's not bulemic, he's quite large. Anyway, I had three disgusting areas of puke (or as Miles' says "pupe") to clean when I got home from visiting a friend this morning.

And so the saga continues. Why would a cat pee on our bed? Should I continue to worry about her other "just mixed the box" presents with the blood and mucus?

Does anyone know what this means?

And now that I am about to post this completely disgusting post, I just wanted to announce for my TWO readers, that my favorite potholder from the other day is the RED BEATERS fabric.

Finally, I am struggling with a decision. I want to do an Arts Festival in my town in June. But we will have to buy a tent, a table (maybe we can borrow one) a credit card imprinter and a service through which to accept credit cards. But I would like to think I'd get great exposure, get sales and make connections. What do you think I should do?

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Sarah and Jack said...

Take the kitty to the vet. When our cat was peeing outside the box he had a bad urinary infection.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh, your kitty is you have another vet in the area? Bloody, mucus in the stool is not normal, nor is it normal for a healthy cat to be going potty in odd areas. Hope you can get some help!

P.S. your blog is not boring! You are a dear.
Smiles, Karen

Tia said...

I found you via Nilsa and have to comment on kitten stuff, since I am a foster mentor for my local shelter. First, see if there are vet problems. It sounds like no though. If you get the all-clear, lock the kitten in a small space (laundry room, bathroom, etc. DO NOT let it out at all. I'd do this for at least a week and make sure the litterbox habits improve. Almost guaranteed they will. In addition, sprinkle a decent layer of "kitten attract" litter on the top. It works wonders, and you can find it an Petsmart/Petco. If all is well in the small space, gradually give the cat more freedom and see how it does. If you have a huge house, I'd have a box on every floor. Good luck! Feel free to contact me if you continue to have issues. I have about a 95% success rate by doing the things above.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I'm no help with the kittie stuff, since we're a dog-only house. But, I do have some ideas for the art fair. First, can you get connected with others who have participated in past years. Maybe small shops like yourself to see whether the cost is worth the added exposure. Also, maybe there's an opportunity to team up with another smaller vendor to share the rental costs. That way, you can get your feet wet without diving all the way in.

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