Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Productive Day - Reward

They're here!

Today I finished all of the new potholders I had set out to do and I LOVE them. I want to keep at least one style for our kitchen. But I'll probably just make us another set so I can list these. See if you can guess which one I like the best. Which one do YOU like the best?

I still need to take photos and will put them in the shop later this week or early next.

I also got started on another line of product for my store. I'll post more on that once I've got some finished and listed or at least ready to list.

I turned in my fat quarter challenge to the local quilt and fabric store QuiltPlay. They will be displaying all of the projects in their store starting March 30. If you live in the area, you can vote for your favorite for just 25 cents. The winner gets 12 free fat quarters!!!

I am also getting back to the design I started for a line of placemats for KitchenStitchen.

Tonight we attended a community night potluck for the church we recently started attending and I was happy to meet some new people. I will also be meeting up with some of the SAHMs from the church tomorrow morning with kids for breakfast.

But now I will get to the exciting part which had me squealing like a schoolgirl. When I came home I went to put my coat away and saw the box. My NEW SEWING MACHINE WAS SITTING THERE INSIDE THE FRONT DOOR. Hurray. Finally, the replacement for the new machine that I got a few weeks ago, but was malfunctioning is here. And I'm excited (in case you couldn't tell). I didn't "name" my first machine, but have heard of people doing so. So since this is the Marie Osmond model, I name this machine...


2 ripples:

Crystal said...

I LOVE the beaters one!! :) Love all of your fabric selections and hooray for a new machine!!!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Yay for the new machine - I know you're excited about that! I think your favorite one might be the one with the cherries (though I'm about 75% sure I'm wrong - hahaha).

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