Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Ray of Sunshine

Today I am feeling quite yucky. I've been nursing a cold for a few days now, but today it has got me a bit wiped as the sinus congested has stuffed up my head. I made it through a dance class of 6 four year old, who honestly were on their best behavior since they started the class last fall. As a reward we did a fun popcorn activity which involved a 12 ft parachute and some small plastic balls. They loved it. I then had to run to the grocery store to get snacks for Miles' preschool class for tomorrow. I'm responsible for snack for the month of March. I came home hoping to check email, make lunch for the kids and then collapse while finding something to keep them occupied, and quiet.

My email told me that I had sold an item on Etsy. I figured it was another for the Cora fund. Which is certainly great and certainly would make me happy, but it was a bit of a surprise. I sold a CASSEROLE CARRIER!!!!!! I had just about given up hope on ever selling one. So that was a very nice discovery for me. Yay. I hope the stars will align soon so that I can get back to making more items for Kitchen Stitchen. I really want to use some new fabric for potholders. As well as make up more from some that sold out.

Another project on the horizon is a fat quarter challenge. The local fabric store has "The Unfortunate Fat Quarter" project going on. They give you a plain paper bag with a mysterious fat quarter inside and you take it home, make something from it and return it to be judged by customers. I know what I'm making... More on that when the project gets underway.

But for today, I just need to rest.

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