Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kitty Hope

Well, I know this is not a picture of either of our kitties! But I took a nice pic of Miles yesterday when I snapped the one of Ella with her dandelions and wanted a chance to give this little handsome boy his turn on my blog!


As for the kitties, if you have just joined us, our new kitten (almost one year old now) has been having some tummy troubles. Paris has been occasionally doing her #2 business outside of the box and lately I've noticed that there is some blood and mucus in the stool, which has been quite worrisome. A month or so ago I took her and our other cat Velvet in to the vet after some initial stool tests and trying some special food. We started out with some de-worming medicine and didn't see a change. I finally broke down and agreed to a fecal panel {which is NOT cheap}. I'm glad I did because the vet did find a couple of issues. First is a bacterial issue which I am now treating with antibiotics. I finally feel some hope that there is a good chance our kitty will get better. The other issue is viral. Which could just be a passing thing, but there is a slight chance it could mutate, take over and basically be fatal. That is part of the potential bad news. The potential worse news is that it is very contagious amongst cats, so Velvet most likely has the virus. The worst case scenario is that we will lose both cats. But I'm trying to be optimistic and believe that this is a passing virus and we will not be hit with the small percent chance that things could turn out for the worse.

And to continue to remember Frankie Manning, here is a video from back in the day. He is the guy in the overalls. Aren't they just amazing? I am in awe, they are a part of history and I got to "touch" that in a way by meeting Frankie and learning the dance. If you want to learn more about Frankie, check this out.

2 ripples:

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I hope everything works out for the best with your cats. I'm not sure how I'd be handling it if that was our dog. Certainly not as well as you.

Margaret said...

I hope your cats get well. It is so hard to loose a family pet. Especially when you have to tell your kids.

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